Rarest Wattson skins in Apex Legends

Natalie “Wattson” Paquette made her way into Apex Legends during season two, and many players who enjoy a slower playstyle have fell in love with her. For those who enjoy in-game cosmetics, Wattson has a variety of different looks in the game. Many of her best skins are no longer available, though, making them some of the rarest in the game.

Common Skins

In Apex Legends, almost every legend has the same style of common skins. These are very cheap and offer minor aesthetic changes. These common skins typically offer a recolor of the trim on Wattson’s clothing for only 30 crafting metals. While it isn’t a substantial change, it does still allow the player to slightly customize the characters look to better suit their taste.

Rare Skins

Wattson’s rare skins are going to do the inverse of what is changed in the common skins. Her rare skins will see the character’s clothing take on a new color or texture than can really make the character stand out from her initial look. While these are just recolors, for only 60 crafting metals Wattson players should definitely check it out.

Epic Skins

Creating a combination of what is implemented in the previous tiers, Wattson’s epic skins completely change her look, with clothing being covered with interesting textures that are sure to catch the eye. For 400 crafting metals, these skins offer the most substantial aesthetic changes for the cost.

Mythic Skins

Mythic skins drastically change Wattson’s lookand have come to be some of the rarest skins available in the game.  

Ace of Sparks

Wattson Ace of Sparks – Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment
Taking on the pilot-themed build of the character, Ace of Sparks offers Wattson a slightly different character model seeing her wear a more streamlined vest and aviation glasses. While keeping all the unique features that make Wattson herself, the red vest and purple clothing underneath with red trim is a great choice of color pallet.

Fly by Wire

Wattson Fly by Wire – Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment
Fly by Wire takes on the same pilot build that is seen in the ace of sparks but offers a unique recolor to the character’s clothing. In Fly by Wire, Wattson takes on a military-style vibe opting for a camo vest and beige clothing underneath. This skin is a great alternative for the previously-mentioned Ace of Sparks if you are intending to blend in with your environment and not catch the eye of opponents.

Current Champ

Wattson Current Champ – Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment
The most bright and noticeable of all the pilot build recolors, Current Champ takes on a new look that includes a blue vest and orange clothing. The skin is going to remind many players of Tracer from Overwatch as the colors, as well as the glasses, seem similar. This skin is obviously going to do you no favors when hiding from opponents, but it does make a statement when seen across the battlefield.


Wattson Vaporwave – Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment
The final variant of Wattson’s pilot build brings a familiar color pallet from the iconic Vaporwave visual art style. The light pinks and blues make this skin a very unique stylistic choice in a game dominated by dark serious tones.

Cyber Security

Wattson Cyber Security – Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment
Taking a completely different approach than the previously mentioned skins, Cyber Security is a much more streamlined look for the Wattson. This simple yet elegant look for the engineer is completed with the cybernetic additions to her facial structure. A skin that looks to be inspired by that of Tron, Cyber Security is one of the best skins available for Wattson today.

Strange Attractor

Wattson Strange Attractor – Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment
A recolor of the character model used in the Cyber Security skin, Strange Attractor offers a vibrant yellow color to Wattson’s armor plating along with a black jacket and previously mentioned robotic facial features. This skin is not going to be the best for stealth, however it is a unique look among the character’s other skins.

Ruby Joules

Wattson Ruby Joules – Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment
This variant of Wattson skin will see the character dawn an entirely red color scheme. The face plate on this skin is much more human than others however, there is little other change to Wattson in this skin. You are required to already own the Strange Attractor skin to purchase Ruby Joules.

Bionic Wonder

Wattson Bionic Wolder – Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment
One of the most popular skins available for Wattson, this skin has the perfect color combination. The yellow jacket could not look better above her blue armor plating. While it may just appear a recolor of the previously mentioned skins, this is the only skin for Wattson that uses this unique mannequin-esque face plating. If you’re looking for a skin that you can show off to other players, this is a perfect choice.

Stocking Stuffer

Wattson Shocking Suffer – Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment
The Winter Express event brought with it some of the best and unique skins in the game, and Stocking Stuffer Wattson is no exception. Taking on the appearance of a Christmas elf, this skin perfectly recreates the vibe of its source material. The green and red color combination is always a winner and creates the feeling of warmth that is associated with the holiday season.

Cyber Punked

Wattson Cyber Punked – Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment
A favorite of Wattson’s skins, Cyber Punked stands out due to its unique additions to Wattson’s look. In addition to the horns on her head, there are more cybernetic advancements such as the eyepatch on her right eye. This is probably the most different tone for the character, but it was also only available in the season four battle pass.

Silver Age

Wattson Silver Age – Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment
This skin that was made available during the Grand Soiree event completely alters Wattson’s character model with a new, large armor set. The blue, gold, and white color scheme on the armor perfectly capture its source material and make this one of the best skins in the game for Wattson.

The Warrior Empress

Wattson The Warrior Empress – Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment
Another extensive do-over to Wattson’s look, The Warrior Empress has its own unique armor for the character. This has loads of detail, including skulls on the shoulder pads and gems on the headband, chest piece, and hands. Warrior Empress Wattson simply looks fantastic in-game.



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