Rarest Mirage skins in Apex Legends

Apex Legends prides itself on a variety of characters will different styles for players to chose from. While each character has its own dedicated fanbase, one of the most popular legends is Mirage. The Holographic Trickster has many different looks available in the game for players to chose from. These skins range from Common to Epic and Mythic skins, which vary from simple recolors to complete redesigns of the character. Here are some of the rarest skins available for Mirage today.

Angel City Hustler

Mirage Angel City Hustler – Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment
Angel City Hustler adds slight changes to Mirage’s clothing choice. In this skin, he has a tighter fitting jacket without the bullet vests over his shoulders. The skin keeps the antennas on his arms and many of the aesthetic choices for the character such as his hair and eyewear. The biggest change in this skin is the color of his clothing. His jacket becomes green with silver highlights while his pants remain very similar to the default look. While it is not the greatest skin in the game, Angel City Hustler is one of the rarest skins available for Mirage today due to its value.

Center Stage

Mirage The Center Stage – Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment
As a complete recolor of the Angel City Hustler, this skin for Mirage offers a much more unique look to the character. Center Stage changes his color pallet change to white and red. This change makes the character undeniably more noticeable that the Angel City Hustler skin, and while it might not be the best for hiding in-game, it shows off this look for Mirage. On top of the changes in his clothing, this skin also recolors Mirage’s glasses to white and red and his hair becomes red. To acquire this skin, you must already own the Angel City Hustler skin.

The Prestige

Mirage The Prestige – Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment
The Prestige doesn’t drastically change the character’s design. This skin’s look is remarkably like the Angel City Hustlers aside from the details on the clothing and the colors used. In the Prestige, red and black are used on every aspect of the character’s outfit. But the biggest change on this skin is the glasses. The visor has been traded out for a design with two red holes akin more to something like night vision goggles.  

Pit Crew

Mirage Pit Crew – Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment
One of Mirage’s most unique legendary skins, Pit Crew, might be a simple recolor of The Prestige. But the feeling that is created with the color and design choices made for this skin is completely different. From the white hair, orange and blue goggles, or the purple beard, these choices give this skin a completely different vibe to that of his alternative options. His jacket is orange with purple highlights and white trim. The pants are completely orange, making this skin stand out in-game. For players who want to get their hands on Pit Crew, you must already own the Prestige skin.

Ghost Machine

Mirage Ghost Machine – Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment
Ghost Machine offers a complete remodel of Mirage’s armor. In this skin, the trickster dawns a completely mechanical armor plating. This futuristic look is more streamlined and detailed than the Angel City Hustler or the Prestige skins, with its own color changes like the artic camo texture on a large portion of the armor plating. There are also color changes to Mirage’s hair, making it blue and adding red trim to the armor. This is absolutely one of the best skins available for the character today.

The Dark Artist

Mirage The Dark Artist – Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment
The Dark Artist isn’t too unique on it’s own, since it’s just a simple recolor of the Ghost Machine. Dawning completely black armor with orange accents, this skin might just be the color preference the player prefers. To own it you must already own the Ghost Machine.  

Seafoam Swindler

Mirage Seafoam Swindler – Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment
Another color variation for players who own the Ghost Machine skin, Seafoam Swindler will offer players a look with seafoam green armor.

The Revenger

Mirage The Revenger – Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment
As with many of Mirage’s skins, The Revenger looks very similar to other skins from his Legendary collection. The most notable changes in the character model come in the small antenna-like objects protruding from his arms. Aside from this, the Revenger is a yellow and black alternative to the Ghost Machine and Dark Artist cosmetics.

Folk Hero

Mirage Folk Hero – Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment
One of the greatest skins for Mirage, Folk Hero, might seem familiar to many players. This skin changes the colors of The Revenger to the red and gold associated with everyone’s favorite hero Iron Man. While that may not be the true inspiration for the skin, this look is a standout and will always be compared to Tony Stark’s famous armor. To access this look, you will need to already own The Revenger skin. If you can get your hands on this one, it is worth picking up.

Man Made Man

Mirage Man Made Man – Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment
Continuing the theme of cybernetic skins, the Man Made Man is the most robotically integrated look available for Mirage. In this skin he is not wearing any robotic armor, the robotics are a part of Mirage. From his robotic eyepiece to his robotic legs, the Man Made Man does a great job of showcasing what it is all about.

Fool’s Gold

Mirage Fools Gold – Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment
Available as a season five battle pass reward, Fool’s Gold is the newest look for Mirage. In this skin, Mirage’s look is completely changed with a mixture of cloth clothing and iron armor. He wears feathers in his glasses strap and gold coins as jewels on his armor. Much like any battle pass skin, due to its limited availability, you are going to want to get this one while you can.

Old Town

Mirage Old Town – Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment
In the Old Town skin, the trickster becomes a cowboy, sporting a western outfit complete with cowhide pants and an iconic cowboy hat. The skin launched as part of the Halloween event and introduced a new look to Mirage that is incredibly accurate to its source material. As one of his most iconic looks, this skin is one of Mirage’s standout looks.

The Wisecracker

Mirage The Wisecracker – Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment
Another skin that is very unique, The Wisecracker Christmas-inspired skin for Mirage dresses him in the outfit of a train conductor. This skin has a traditional winter-themed color pallet using red, black, and white with a gold trim. This is yet another skin that completely remodels the character to look exactly like the material that has inspired it.

Captain Bamboozle

Mirage Captain Bamboozle – Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment
None of Mirage’s skins make as big a change to the character’s look like the Captain Bamboozle skin that was available during the Iron Crown event. This skin changes everything to compliment his new pirate attire. Mirage’s glasses have been traded out in favor of a headband and he sports an eyepatch along with his stylish new hairdo. This skin is easily one of the best and rarest looks for the character and those who have access to it will stand out from other players in the game.



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