How to get outside the TDM Warehouse map in PUBG Mobile

There’s a simple trick in PUGB Mobile that can help you get a win in Team Deathmatch games on the map Warehouse. You can get outside of the map, making you difficult to notice and allowing you to survive more easily. The trick was recently discovered, highlighted in a video posted by Sunil Gamer, and has yet to be fixed by the developer. Related: First episode of PUBG Mobile Esports’ documentary series Between the Battlegrounds is now live Team Deathmatch is a game mode where two teams of four players face off in small maps. Warehouse and Ruins are the maps that are dedicated to the game mode, which is still in the EvoLab tab. The games are short, even shorter than in classic mode. The first team to reach 39 kills wins. If you play Team Deathmatch with friends, you can make use of teamplay to do this trick. It’s impossible to do it alone, however. Here are the steps to get outside of the map: Go to this location on Warehouse. It’s in the southeast corner of the map, so it’ll be harder to reach if your team’s spawn is on the north side of the map.
Screengrab via Sunil Gamer
Climb on the box. A friend will have to stand on the ground behind you. Ideally, another friend should cover you both while you follow these steps. Ask your friend to step on the same box as you. You must tap the jump button repeatedly while your teammate steps on the box where you stand. The game will glitch and propel you to the other side of the fence.
Screengrab via Sunil Gamer
Another trick to get outside the Warehouse map was discovered a year ago but it’s fixed. This one might be corrected in the future, but others may come up after further updates.



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