PUBG Mobile AG currency guide: Everything you need to know

[ad_1] PUBG Mobile introduced a new in-game currency called the AG (Ace Gold) currency in their 0.18.0 update. Now you can buy your favourite in-game items like weapon skins, and wearables with AG currency instead of using UC (Unknown Cash). This article explains everything about the AG currency that you need to know. The AG currency is available in PUBG Mobile from Royal Pass Season 13.

What is AG currency in PUBG Mobile?

As we all know, previously there were only two currencies in PUBG Mobile, UC (Unknown Cash) and silver fragments. AG is a new currency which is nothing but an alternate currency to the UC. On their patch notes, Tencent Games said that all the Silver rewards will be replaced with AG in events. However, this will not be implemented for events that started before the update. You can now buy quite a few numbers of gun skins and other cosmetics with AG instead of buying them with UC.
PUBG Mobile AG currency
Using AG to buy items from Shop
With the latest update, PUBG mobile has also changed the cost of a Supply Crate coupon from 30 UC to 300 AG.
PUBG Mobile AG currency supply crates
One supply crate coupon costs 300 AG and 10 coupons cost 2700 AG.

How to get AG currency in PUBG Mobile?

1. Through events

Currencies in PUBG mobile are always earned by completing achievements and completing the daily, weekly and monthly events. However, AG earning missions or events in PUBG Mobile are comparatively a little more difficult which makes it a fairly valuable currency that you have to work hard to earn in the game.

2. Through achievements

Few new achievements from where you can earn AG are- Desert Tourist, Lifelong Learner, Scrambler, Bullseye and Elite Communicator. On completion of all these events, you should obtain around 600 AG.
PUBG Mobile AG currency Road Trip event
 For example, in the above Road Trip event, if you successfully achieve the Jungle Treasure crate, there is slightly little chance of obtaining the 100AG reward as it falls under epic items.

3. Through RP missions

Other than events, the Royal Pass Season 13 UC rewards now has two options. Players will be able to choose either a 30UC reward or a 400AG reward.
PUBG Mobile Royale Pass season 13
You can make a choice of 30 UC or 400 AG in Royale Pass Season 13.

How valuable is AG currency in PUBG mobile?

According to the patch notes released by Tencent, the cost of 1UC is equivalent to 10 AG currency in PUBG Mobile. So, a basic Royal Pass might cost you around 8000 AG or 600 UC in the next season. But for that, we need to wait for Season 14.

How to use AG currency?

AG currency is used to obtain the cosmetics in PUBG Mobile like skins of guns or melee weapons like pan, crowbar, etc. or even costumes and parachute skins for a temporary period of time or even permanent. All you need to do is go to the Shop option on your screen and select Redeem from there.
Shop Redeem
Select the option Redeem from Shop
You will see a variety of items that you can buy. Select the item you want to buy and select AG as the currency and click on Purchase.
Buy items through AG from shop
You can purchase your item using AG.
If you fall short on your AG balance, UC will be used for the corresponding amount. This is a feature that really will be helpful to a lot of players.
PUBG Mobile AG currency Purchase Item
Subsequent amount of UC shall be used to compensate the amount.
That’s all we have for today’s guide about all you need to know about the new AG currency in PUBG Mobile. We think the AG currency system will help a lot of PUBG players to get their favourite items from the store. So go on and pick the items you relish from the store with AG currency!
What are your thoughts about the new AG currency in PUBG Mobile? Let us know in the comment section below! For more Mobile Gaming news and guides, join our WhatsApp group or Discord server. Also, follow us on Instagram and Twitter for quick updates. The post PUBG Mobile AG currency guide: Everything you need to know appeared first on GamingonPhone. [ad_2]
PUBG Mobile AG currency guide: Everything you need to know



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