FIFA 21 Pro Clubs: Reveal Window announced! Wishlist, in-game targets, Nintendo Switch, PS5, Xbox Series X, Cross Platform, gameplay & more

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There are some seriously passionate fans of FIFA, and Pro Clubs is the destination for many of them. Teaming up with friends, or going solo – one thing is for sure, you have to be pretty special to hold your own in the game mode. With FIFA 21 on the horizon, we take a look at what may change for Pro Clubs. Let’s dive in.

FIFA 21 Pro Clubs set for reveal in August

The announcement came on Twitter after another incredible post regarding FIFA 21 at EA Play! It looks like August will be when we get to see more on FIFA 21 Pro Clubs, and we couldn’t be more excited. Dates are of course subject to change, but we’ve got our fingers crossed that everything will go ahead as planned! Check out the full schedule below!
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AUGMENTING OUR EXPECTATIONS! August is going to be something truly special!

A change to the league structure

For many, Pro Clubs is just a laidback game mode to have a laugh with your mates on. However, for the more competitive gamers, there seems to be somewhat of a lack of ambition about the league system – especially when you compare it to other modes such as Ultimate Team.
Pro Clubs Divisions
THE NEXT LEVEL: There needs to be an achievement beyond Division 1
Yes, getting to Division One is difficult and anyone who gets there would feel a sense of pride about that. But how about adding a more rewarding competition into the mix, a weekend league-esque system maybe?

More customisation

Customisation is a big part of Pro Clubs – we’ve all seen the 7-foot striker with a pink afro, but why stop there? READ MORE: FIFA 21 needs to have these Career Mode features A system by which you can earn points to upgrade things such as your stadium, your kits and extra customisation for your player would be a welcomed addition.
Pro Clubs Customisation
WAVEY! Keep the customisation coming EA!
This way, those vital clashes between the elite pro clubs in Division One could take place in huge, extravagant, completely customised grounds rather than Town Park.

Bring back in-game targets!

This is something which we NEED to see return. Pro Club veterans will likely remember the old accomplishments that used to be in place in the game mode. You could track how many matches you’d played, how many assists you’d created, how many headers you’d won and so on.
Pro Clubs Accomplishments
ACCOMPLISHMENTS! Who remembers these from back in the day?
Whilst it doesn’t necessarily need to be brought back in this capacity, more targets for players to aim for would make games more enjoyable. READ MORE: FIFA 21 – Will VAR be implemented in EA’s next title? It could be a similar system to the Weekly Objective in Ultimate Team, allowing players to earn better kits, play styles, celebrations and more.

Pick your AIs

This one may be a bit more outlandish compared to the others, but one which would be a nice addition nonetheless. The ability to pick the names of your AIs and choose their playing styles to match the way that you play as a team would be an amazing addition.
Pro Clubs De Ridder
HERO! LEADER! LEGEND – de Ridder is a man of the people!
For example, if your chosen playstyle is fast build-up and you’ve got a big 6’5″ AI playing CDM it can be very frustrating. We would never slander the name of the Pro Clubs legend that is the great De Ridder – but maybe it’s time for him to hang up his boots?

Cross play?

Of course, Next Gen consoles arrive this year, with FIFA 21 set to be the first game in the franchise on PS5 and Xbox Series X. But what if only some of your mates in pro clubs move for Next Gen right away? READ MORE: Absolutely everything we know about Cross Platform play on FIFA 21 It would be great for EA to identify this and allow you to play with your mates across PS4 to PS5 and Xbox One to Xbox Series X. Would going full cross-platform be a stretch too far?

Nintendo Switch

FIFA 20 was released on the Nintendo Switch and met with some mixed reviews. One general consensus was that it needed a bit of refining for the next iteration. With the popularity of the Switch growing, especially now with the current lockdown, could we expect some upgrades to FIFA 21 incoming on release? READ MORE: FIFA 21 Ultimate Team – New Icons already confirmed? The Switch won’t be able to realise some of the heavier graphics demands the PS5 and Xbox Series X could bare. Ninetndo has already vastly improved elements of the console, such as button mapping, to make other games more accessible. It would be understandable if players could expect some of these changes to carry through to Fifa 21. To read more about FIFA 21, head here.



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