P^rnhub Gives Premium Account Absolute Free to Keep People Busy Inside Home Only –

With the population of 130 Cr. in the Nation , its has been declared a lock-down for next 21 days amid Novel Corona-virus. Many ways are being suggested for the utilization of the time , when at home . It has actually given everyone, a chance to get a new version of themselves but for some there is continuous work . We salute out doctors , nurses , working staff and also the media people , who are there for all the updates. In this scenario one of the entertainment industry , which is always in the hidden books of many people , is p*rn industry.
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One of the popular porn site is ‘P*rn Hub’. The most recent thing the site owners have done is that they changed their logo to “Stay home Hub” to get the message across. 
Pornhub Premium Is Now Free For Everyone To Discourage People From Stepping Outside
In one of the blog , it is written by p*rn-hub : “Since this is a situation that continues to impact us all, we’ve decided to play our part in encouraging everyone to stay home and are launching Free Premium worldwide until April 23,”
Pornhub Premium Is Now Free For Everyone To Discourage People From Stepping Outside
The cost of P*rn-hub premium is $9.99 generally. It gives access to exclusive adult content in full HD quality. In order to get access to the membership, you will need to visit the new Stayhub website. To get access to the premium membership, you simply need to commit to self-isolation and agree to regularly wash your hands. You will need to have an account in order to progress further . In one of the blog post , the site also mentioned that Pornhub is giving 100% payout to content creators during the month of April “We have always been a global community, hosting Models from every corner of the world. So when a global human crisis happens, it is up to everyone to work together to help support the community, and that includes us, too,
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