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Zu In Windows 95 and XP times, Microsoft PowerToys were a well-known collection of useful PC utilities, and the TweakUI configuration tool it contained was particularly popular. In May 2019, Microsoft shared on its development platform Github with reviving the utilities. Action followed: The PowerToys are new for Windows 10 ?? and keep getting updates. The “powerful tools” do not elicit a maximum amount of power from your PC: This is shown by our following collection of tools, which are an alternative to Microsoft applications. Overall, the recommendations do more than the originals and help power users “optimize their Windows experience to increase productivity” ?? as Microsoft itself writes full-bodied.

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Power tools for Windows

We have considered for you which functions are missing or inadequately implemented in Windows 10. As a result, the above software compilation was created with which you can use the service and the performance improve. For years Microsoft has spurned the subject of registry cleaners: Windows does not have one on board, nor does Microsoft have a corresponding download in its portfolio (apart from the ancient RegClean). The Group warns even before the tuning tool genre? but sophisticated cleaning tools create a backup and usually clean in such a way that Windows continues to run stably after the digital wash. Many users value registry cleaning, which is why you will find two cleaning tools in our Power Tools collection: CCleaner and Wise Registry Cleaner (WRC). CCleaner cleans the registration database and comes with extras such as an autostart. WRC is usually more thorough than CCleaner. Further advantages over the latter top dog: There are three scan modes available, the most effective is the thorough search. In addition, WRC defragments the registry and configures Windows via the database. For the latter, there are numerous tweaks that promise more speed and stability.
The Power Tools operating helpers include a tool that provides Explorer with tabs: QTTabBar. This gives you a feature that Microsoft announced for Windows 10 and then rejected. The alternative file manager FreeCommander XE If the operator prompts differ, bring your own tabs and, if you wish, redirect the Explorer start so that the external application appears when you press Windows-E There are also utilities from the areas configuration, File management and safety. The boundaries of the categories mentioned are fluid, so the order in the Freeware Tips Gallery is certainly a matter of opinion. The recommended programs all work under Windows 10 ?? Most of them are also Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 compatible. By the way: Just like the PowerToys, the Power Tools have nothing to do with the PowerShell. The latter is for the first time in Windows 7 and is a command line environment with which experienced users can automate the PC. We have published an introduction with simple commands for the scripting environment in another article.

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Tools for professionals: system-related on-board resources

Microsoft gives the PowerToys the addition “Preview”: If you install the tools collection under Windows 10, the program appears in the start menu as the entry “PowerToys (Preview)”. Preview means that you are dealing with a version that has not yet been fully developed. It’s different with our Power Tools tips. These are final, i.e. mature software. The situation is different with some Windows (10) own tools: The following on-board tools are quasi power toys / tools that help you with system administration. Take a look at these functional pearls, which you will start in a short time? it is enough to press Windows-R and enter a few commands:

Control Panel: Change system settings graphically: control
System information: Read operating system name, version, build and hardware information: msinfo32
System properties: Similar to msinfo32, nicer, additional access to setting areas: control system
DirectX diagnostic program: Analyze graphics card, DirectX functions (such as DirectDraw), audio hardware: dxdiag
Task manager: Show running processes: taskmgr
Resource monitor: Alternative to the task manager: resmon
Device Manager: Manage hardware: devmgmt.msc
Disk management: Partitioning drives graphically: diskmgmt.msc
Diskpart: Partitioning drives in command line style: diskpart
Command line: To work with command line tools: cmd
PowerShell: More powerful environment than the command line, commands are called cmdlets here: powershell
Task planning: Start programs automatically: taskschd.msc
System configuration program: In Windows 7: clean up the startup: msconfig
Service Manager: Activate, deactivate, start, stop services: services.msc
Maintenance Center: View performance and security-related information: wscui.cpl
Event Viewer: View hidden system logs: eventvwr
Registry editor: Change otherwise inaccessible settings: regedit
Group Policy Editor: Only in Windows Pro (fessional), Enterprise, 7 Ultimate: regedit alternative: gpedit.msc
Driver Check Manager: Test drivers (caution, blue screens): verifier
Performance monitoring: Analyze PC load over a longer period of time: perfmon
Reliability history: Overview of past program crashes: perfmon / rel
Management Console: Build your own control panel with system tools: mmc
Advanced firewall settings: Disconnect programs from the Internet: wf.msc
Windows Remote Assistance: Remote maintenance of PCs via the Internet: msra

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