Apex Legends World’s Edge Map Guide: Loot, Drops, Hot Zones, and More

World’s Edge made its way to Apex Legends as part of season three, but it’s much more than just an arena. The Talos map was elected as a substitute to Kings Canyon after Crypto took down the repulsor tower and the maleficent Hammond Robotics corrupted most of the planet during season four as part of its resource extraction initiative. Apex‘s sixth season was no different. World’s Edge got an overhaul that touched on many aspects of the map. Respawn dismantled the train, added three new POIs, and created several pass-throughs to reduce choke points and make the map more open—an ambitious map update in a season filled with far-reaching changes. With the countless POIs, vaults, blast walls, and randomized dropship patterns, it’s easy to feel lost when roaming World’s Edge or trying to find a good drop spot. Here’s what’s in every part of the map so you can figure out where to land and where to go next.
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Northwest: Skyhook, Bloodhound’s Trials, The Train Yard, Countdown, Lava Fissure

The northwest section of the map houses plenty of popular landing spots. And depending on the dropship’s path, it’s hard to land in peace on this side of the map. Skyhook is a loot-infused fragment of a city and players who want to arm up can find plenty of gear scattered around the numerous buildings. It’s a popular landing location, however, so be ready to scavenge the buildings quickly and prepare for a fight. Season six added a small pass-through between Skyhook and Survey Camp, connecting the northeast and northwest areas of the map, as well as a small “train cart town” up on the north part of the passageway where the train tracks intersected. Bloodhound’s Trials are another surefire way to obtain high-level gear, but players must fight off Prowlers to do so. The fierce creatures deal hefty damage, so be careful when opting to take the Trials. Completing the three Trials also takes a few minutes and may have players frantically running outside to escape the closing ring. Countdown is the rising star of the region. The new area replaced the nearly-derelict Drill Site with a fortified Hammond Robotics position filled with some loot and Blast Walls—part of the season six map update. Players can interact with a panel to raise a heavy blast wall and seal off the area, forcing enemy squads to find an alternate route. The walls seal off passageways to the north, east, and west. The area is a fortified courtyard with a handful of ways to go in and out, including pathways and through access windows. It’s impossible to completely seal off the area, but the Blast Walls can at least reduce the amount of oversight required. The office-like interior of each station connects to the rest of the area, effectively funneling enemy squads into a smaller space. Countdown offers plenty of rotation options. It’s in the middle of the region and has access to all other POIs. The Blast Walls also help restrict the flow of enemy players and give a height advantage, which can prove to be a boon in the later stages of a match. The Train Yard is a jungle gym-esque structure with several suspended houses accessible through vertical ziplines. The POI is filled with loot, which makes it a prime destination. A vault sits in the tunnels on the south side of the area for players who find a key. Lava Fissure is a more remote POI that also presents plenty of loot with the tradeoff of it being further away. It’s usually a safe landing location (as safe as can be) and connects straight to Countdown.

Southwest: Staging, the Harvester, Thermal Station, The Tree

The southwestern portion of the map looks different in season six. The Mirage Voyage is back to the garage (or possibly repossessed), but the region got an overhaul—complete with a new POI. Staging is another one of the season six POIs, and like its peers, it contains a handful of heavy-duty blast walls. Players can seal off the north and east sides of the map, but the neighboring train tracks can still serve as sniping points to enemies intent on breaching. A walkway connects the tracks to the Blast Wall, which provides a narrow avenue for enemies to storm in. Expect some verticality in fights, especially when engaging with enemies on the tracks. Stairways and ziplines create valuable high grounds. The area doesn’t have many rotation options, but players can move to the Harvester or Train Yard for some extra loot and a vault. The Harvester is a gargantuan, loot-filled structure at the center of the map. The building is filled with enough gear to outfit a small army, which makes it a prime destination. Its central location allows players to move toward any direction through tunnels and mountain passes, which opens plenty of rotation options. The Tree and Thermal Station have good gear on their own and their location on the edge of the map makes them usually less of a target for other players. Both areas house good gear, but players only have a handful of rotation options after landing here. The Tree also has a new pathway to Launch Site, one of the new POIs.

Northeast: The Epicenter, Capitol City Ruins, Refinery, Overlook, Survey Camp

The northeastern portion of the map is one of the most popular areas. The Epicenter and the Fragments of former Capitol City make for interesting combat areas. But if you’re looking for a safe landing spot, this isn’t it. The Epicenter has quality gear and sits in the middle of the region, which makes it a hot landing zone. Squads that land here will probably engage in early fights with other squads in the POI or with enemies in the Fragments. There aren’t many rotation choices from here, though. Players will likely move toward the Fragments and spread out from there. Fragment East and West are two halves of the ruins of Capitol City. The gap between them creates two separate combat areas, each one brimming with loot. The quickest connection between the two Fragments is a bridge, but players can take the long way around the lava. Both Fragments present a myriad of rotation options. The west side allows players to move to the Train Yard or Skyhook, while the east links straight to the southeast side of the map. The Harvester is also to the south of both POIs. Survey Camp, Refinery, and Overlook are part of the less-populated surrounding areas. Players who land here will likely have to go through the Epicenter or the Fragments once they move. Overlook houses some good gear and Survey Camp’s weapon racks end the need for meleeing in early engagements. Be careful once you’ve finished looting. You’re likely to see combat, or at least traces of it, as you move closer to the center of the region. If players want to go the other way, though, a new pass-through connects Survey Camp with Skyhook and creates an alternative path with some minor loot and cover.

Southeast: Sorting Factory, Launch Site, the Geyser, Lava City, The Dome

Sorting Factory is the crown jewel of the southeast. The POI has plenty of gear inside the building and in the surrounding areas—and it’s close enough to the center to open a wide range of options. Like the Harvester, players can easily make their way to any portion of the map based on the ring locations. Launch Site is the last of the new POIs that made their way to World’s Edge in season six—and like its peers, it has rising Blast Walls. Players can use the vertical ziplines to traverse around the area and gather loot. The area offers plenty of loot and a handful of rotation options: The Tree on the west, Sorting Factory to the north, and both The Dome and Lava City to the east. Players can seal off the rising Blast Wall from The Tree to gain an advantage on other squads, but other squads can breach into the courtyard through the north side. The Geyser is one of the most scenic areas in World’s Edge, but its snakelike corridors are also home to plenty of loot to outfit a squad. Players lucky enough to get a vault key may visit the vault in the tunnels north of the POI, but squads can easily move to Sorting Factory or the ruins of Capitol City. Lava City and the Dome are fairly safe drop spots due to their remote location, but their decent loot makes them viable locations. Lava City’s supply bins can provide useful gear, but players don’t have many rotation options. You’ll either need to go toward the center of the map through Sorting Factory or to the northeast through Geyser. Players who stumbled upon a vault key can find a place to use it inside the tunnels west of Lava City.



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