Poll: What’s your favorite iPhone 13/iPhone 13 Pro color?

The iPhone 13 was announced during the “California Streaming” event this week. With pre-orders already available and Apple giving a first look in all of the new colors, which is your favorite one? For the iPhone 13 line, Apple introduced four new colors alongside another approach for its (PRODUCT)RED phone. Different from the past two years, in 2021, these new phone colors look soberer with a new Pink, Blue, Midnight, and Starlight. All of these phones are made of aluminum and glass and, apart from the diagonal main camera sensors and the smaller notch, it looks very close to the iPhone 12 line. Take a look at all the colors of the iPhone 13 below:
For the iPhone 13 Pro line, Apple only introduced a new color: Sierra Blue, which is lighter than last year’s Pacific Blue iPhone 12 Pro. You still can get Graphite, Sierra, and Gold. This last one, its border looks like gold jewelry. The 13 Pro has a finishing mix of stainless steel and glass. What differentiates the most this phone from its predecessor is the huge camera cut in the back as well as the smaller notch in the front. Take a look at all the colors of the iPhone 13 Pro below:
How to join the iPhone Upgrade Program in the UK when ordering your iPhone 13
Now, vote in the polls and tell us in the comment section below what’s your favorite iPhone 13 color and 13 Pro color!
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