Opera GX: advantages, test and review for the gamer browser

There are all kinds of products that come onto the market especially for gamers – since hardcore gamers sometimes buy expensive graphics cards, they are probably well-heeled clientele. And so, gaming chairs, gaming routers, gaming SSDs, gamer chewing gum and the like vie Opera GX browser for the favor of the users. The latter product is free software and is said to be suitable for gaming friends due to its special features.
We put the client to the test and revealed what he is good for normal users and the gambling guild. Most likely most player-focused Windows programs are free; In another article we present game optimizers, which as tuning tools increase computer performance for free. This allows you to get one or the other frame (fps, frames per second, frames per second). As usual with gaming products, Opera GX is visually playful. If you like, you can extend the extravagance to played sounds as background sound while surfing. In terms of performance, Opera GX has something special to offer, tuning features reduce the load on your PC.

Opera GX: Benefits, Features, and Review

The Opera browser has its roots in Norway and once used the in-house rendering engine Presto. The manufacturer switched to the Chromium engine in 2013 – so it remained competitive. The substructure consists of the HTML engine Blink and V8, which interprets JavaScript code from websites. In essence, Opera is almost the same as Google Chrome and its basic structure, the Chromium browser. Because of the mass of functions built around it, Opera stands out from the competition. Screenshot creation (“snapshot”), energy-saving mode, mouse gestures to be activated and VPN anonymization that has no traffic limit are important plus points. The Opera descendant with the suffix GX also combines these advantages and packs (not only) gaming-specific goodies on top of it. Upon first contact, it is noticeable that the Chromium fork has a different design than the standard Opera web browser. A dark mode (option “dark”) is active ex works. Design fetishists go to a configuration tab and switch on the other included themes one after the other, perhaps the Opera GX incarnation in the other likewise modern optical versions appeals to them more.
Opera GX: Advantages over Opera - the browser with background music
The Opera GX browser looks futuristic thanks to its dark mode theme.
If you don’t like dark mode, it is convenient that a “light” setting softens the high-contrast program surface. Regardless of whether the option is “light” or “dark”, you can modify the color by clicking on tiles such as “GX Classic” (active at the factory), “Ultraviolet”, “Frutti Di Mare” or “Purple Haze”. This affects the border of the tabs, the symbol for new tabs in the tabs bar, the icons in the left function bar, the Windows title bar symbols at the top right (minimize window, maximize, close) and some lines in Website context menu. Clicking on “Configuration” takes you to the “Custom Theme” settings section. Here you can find clickable tiles for areas such as “Basic color” and “Primary light color”. This already offers a good amount of configuration flexibility, and it gets even better if you flip the toggle switch at the top next to “Extended configuration”. Then there are sliders for hue (“Hue”), saturation (“Saturation”) and brightness (lightness) for basic color & Co.
Opera GX: Advantages over Opera - the browser with background music
The lilac design “Purple Haze” pleases with strong colors and sets pretty accents.

Innovative and creative, but annoying: noises far and wide

When typing URLs and search terms in the address bar, you will hear clicking noises. The futuristic clacking is also used when entering data on websites, for example on Google and Bing, as well as in form input fields, for example with e-mail providers. If you hold down any key, you can hear the typewriter sound particularly impressively. An auditory feedback is provided for further actions; on the internal settings page opera: // settings / sounds_settings configure the respective volume, deactivate individual sounds by selecting “Mute” and play the sounds as a test with a click. Closing a tab, for example, accompanies Opera GX acoustically. Opera GX can also be heard without any operator actions, if desired: the client can play background music.
Opera GX: Advantages over Opera - the browser with background music The Opera GX client stands out audibly with a lot of fanfare.  Gamers might like this.
The Opera GX client stands out audibly with a lot of fanfare. Gamers might like this.
With other browsers, for example, you can run music on YouTube in a tab at the same time. This works in the same way with Opera GX, but is unnecessary thanks to the built-in acoustic snippets: Call up a config page via the URL opera: // settings / background_music_settings, use the radio button to choose between the titles “Evolve”, “Restoration”, “Confluence”, “Radiant” and “Seismic Souls”. The browser describes Evolve as the original Opera GX theme, the other sequences are the winners of the competition GX Composer Awards 2020 or took second and third place there; Seismic Souls received the audience award.
Opera GX: Advantages over Opera - the browser with background music The special edition GX from Opera has some soundtracks that are worth listening to.
The special edition GX from Opera brings some soundtracks worth listening to.
As Bartosz Pielaszek, Senior Marketing Manager at Opera, writes in the company blog, Opera GX is the only browser with adaptive background music. The new functionality aims to offer an immersive sound experience that is known from gaming to surfing the Internet. “We originally delivered it with a soundtrack, and now we give young artists the opportunity to compose new soundtracks to accompany different types of browsing.” At first the function is quite nice, but over time it got annoying as part of the research for this article. The clicking noises during URL bar and website typing maneuvers were less negative. Quickly activate and deactivate the adaptive background sounds; If YouTube plays music, Opera’s own sequences fall silent. The typing noises can also be put on the leash.

Gaming features: GX Control and GX Cleaner

A game console controller symbol is emblazoned on the far left of the tab bar. Clicking on it will take you to the GX Corner section, which has a game release calendar for Windows, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, VR and Stadia. Recommendations for free games, games of the week and YouTube games trailers are also included. You can optionally move the icon to the sidebar on the left in Opera GX, which also exists in normal Opera. In the bar settings (which in turn are a bar) you regulate whether the GX-exclusive features “GX Control” and “GX Cleaner” as well as Messenger – WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, VK, Instagram, Twitter and the Discord relevant for players – should be present as icons.
Opera GX: Advantages over Opera - the browser with background music
In the left sidebar you will find tuning functions next to instant messaging.
The GX control function is reminiscent of a browser’s own task manager, Opera GX also has one that can be called with Shift Escape. GX Control is visually more playful. In the “Hot Tabs Killer” area, you will see two headings in particular, “CPU” and “RAM” hungry browser tabs. In the test, we closed a browser benchmark tab by clicking on the X symbol – we opened it to simulate a high load, which Opera GX noticed and identified. When terminating a tab, the playful side of Opera GX shows up, as it plays a sword-strike sound (which can be deactivated). Opera GX is not just a task manager wrapped in new clothes, but has a few more interesting things to offer: With the “Network Limiter” module to be activated, you limit the Opera GX Internet bandwidth, with a RAM and a CPU limiter Page. The idea: If Opera GX runs on the side while gaming, the client shouldn’t tie up too many PC resources.
create a folder
Work fast: instant tips for Windows
With the GX Cleaner you can clean up the cache, cookies, URL and download history. The levels “MIN”, “MED” and “MAX” are available, which tick certain of the mentioned deletion options. If you wish, you can refrain from using these presets and set or remove the delete ticks individually. The GX Cleaner also helps Opera GX to manage PC performance. The GX Control module makes a lot of sense, the GX Cleaner, on the other hand, appears as a pompous (although visually impressive) staged surf trace eraser that you can use via Ctrl-Shift-Del. With the latter hotkey, however, there are no such funny status sayings as with GX Control, such as “Do the dirty work for you”.
Opera GX: Advantages over Opera - the browser with background music Thanks to a cleaning function, the Opera GX browser is in top shape.
The integrated cleaning function is able to keep the Opera GX browser in top shape.

And otherwise?

If you like, you can force all websites to appear in a dark mode. When you open new tabs, a quick selection page appears with linked tiles, which you can click to bring you to sites of interest to gamers such as Twitch and Discord. For tabs you can activate previews if you wish, a mouse-over then shows you a preview of the content of the respective website.

Assessment of Opera GX: Conclusion

Functionally, the normal Opera browser is already a mighty caliber, Opera GX takes the jumble of features to the extreme. You have to like that. Gamers may sympathize with it. Other users who have no problem with the fact that depending on the configuration, it sometimes flashes vigorously and thuddles might do the same. This annoys sensitive people in the long run – it is not for nothing that websites with auto-play music have long been considered to be off-putting. As a second or third program, Opera GX is not bad – but it does not play the role of the main browser used on most computers. If you like programs with many features, you should take a closer look (in the settings menu): Vivaldi from an ex-Opera founder, also Chromium-based, is already pompous. Opera GX is heading in a similar direction and is ahead of Vivaldi when it comes to VPN, for example. Oh yes, Opera GX also has standards such as tabs and the Google search engine as well as a comfortable working pace.



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