Omron M500 Intelli IT: Test of the upper arm blood pressure monitor

Millions of people in Germany have high blood pressure, many without even knowing it. If you check your values ​​regularly, you need a device at home that reliably determines your blood pressure. Nowadays there are smart blood pressure monitors that send their results to smartphones. We put one of the most popular of its kind through its paces: the Omron M500 Intelli IT. Here you can read why the upper arm cuff won the test in comparison with six other devices. You can read the test in the printed COMPUTER BILD edition 9/21 (first day of sale: April 23, 2021).

Omron M500 Intelli IT provides exact values

The most important property of any blood pressure monitor is the accuracy of its measurements. To check that, we sent the Omron M500 Intelli IT to the Schoen Clinic Neustadt in Holstein. The chief physician of the cardiology, Prof. Dr. Peter Radke, checked the accuracy of the cuff by performing several comparative measurements on different people. A cuff from hospital operations, the Boso K2, served as a reference. A deviation of up to 5 millimeters of mercury (mmHg) from this reference would be just acceptable. In the upper blood pressure value (“systole”) the Omron cuff deviated on average only 3 mmHg, the lower blood pressure value (“diastole”) it determined on average to 2 mmHg – a good performance! These values ​​apply when correctly applied by medical personnel. Whether a blood pressure monitor delivers exact values ​​also depends on whether the cuff is fitted correctly. With the Omron M500 Intelli IT, even laypeople can fix it correctly and work much better than with the six competitors that the editorial team also sent to the clinic exam. This is mainly due to the rigid material of the arm cuff.
Attach the Omron M500 Intelli IT
The rigid material of the cuff makes it easy to put on correctly.

Handling the Omron M500 Intelli IT

The large device is easy to read and easy to use. The upper arm cuff is made of hard material – which offers advantages when it is put on correctly – but is therefore somewhat uncomfortable to wear. If you move your arm during the measurement, you will experience a penalty from the cuff: because it simply continues to pump itself up more and more and does not recognize the error. Operation is simple: the measurement starts at the push of a button. Two user memory locations are available.
Galaxy Watch Active 2 light sensors
The Omron M500 Intelli IT inflates itself with air for the measurement.

“Omron Connect” app can be used optionally

There are three storage options with Omron: on the device, locally in the Omron Connect app on the mobile phone and in the free manufacturer cloud, which enables additional functions such as the calendar view and a blood pressure diary. Sign in to the app menu under Cloud, create an account with email and password for it. The values ​​are only roughly classified: As a guideline, Omron shows a systole of 135 and a diastole of 85 as orientation lines in the graphic. The app could be clearer. It is practical that the blood pressure monitor automatically sends results to the mobile phone if required. They then arrive there as a push message.
Omron M500 Intelli IT with iPhone XS
The device sends the result as a push message to the paired smartphone, if desired.

Omron: terms and conditions and data protection conditions in the test

The editors had the general terms and conditions (GTC) and data protection conditions of the app checked by an independent law firm. The terms and conditions only got grade 4 (“sufficient”). The biggest point of criticism is the overly comprehensive disclaimer. The data protection conditions achieved grade 3 (“satisfactory”), as the company failed to name a data protection officer and used anonymized data, even after the service was terminated.
Omron M500 Intelli IT
The result can be read very well on the large screen.

How to use multi-user mode

The Omron M500 Intelli IT stores the results of two people. The change takes place via the slide switch on the device, which is located above the Start / stopKey is located. Press the button with the note-and-pen symbol to see previous measurement results. Every user can optionally connect the M500 to the Omron Connect app on their smartphone and see their own measurements in it. In the app’s menu (the icon with the three lines) go to Devices, Add Device, Blood Pressure Monitor. Press the button with the Bluetooth icon on the back of the M500 until it flashes. Choose M500 Intelli IT. Assign yourself a user number (1 or 2), confirm with Further. There is also the guest mode. You start it by briefly pressing the button at the same time Start / stop and the right arrow key.
Calibrate the Galaxy Watch 3
A power cable for mains operation can be purchased as an accessory. The device runs on four AA batteries ex works.
Omron M500 Intelli IT: Compare prices on idealo

Omron M500 Intelli IT: Price and Availability

The Omron M500 Intelli IT costs just over 60 euros in retail (as of April 27, 2021). The scope of delivery includes instructions, a cuff (arm circumference: 22 to 42 centimeters), a free-standing device, a storage bag and four AA batteries.



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