Now in the Aldi offer: Smokers from Z Grills at discount prices

The Barbecue season is opened. While some are still too cool, others are already drawn out into the fresh air to enjoy a delicious steak or grilled vegetables. The charcoal grill is particularly popular among barbecue fans, while the smoker is an absolute insider tip. The models are suitable for smoking, indirect cooking (smoking), grilling and more. Aldi is offering the Z Grills ZPG-700E for 499 euros in its online shops until May 22, 2021 – only while stocks last. According to the price comparison portal idealo, the price for similar devices is the same among the Internet competitors. Top: At the discounter, delivery is free of charge to the curb (all prices and information – as of April 30, 2021).

Secure your Z grills ZPG-700E now at Aldi!

  • Suitable for smoking, smoking, grilling and more
  • Large 66×49.3-centimeter grill area and additional warming rack
  • With base cabinet for storing grill accessories
Smoker Z Grills ZPG-700E at Aldi Nord
Smoker Z Grills ZPG-700E at Aldi Süd

Z Grills ZPG-700E in the Aldi range: The functions

According to the manufacturer, the Z grill ZPG-700E in a stylish stainless steel housing combines the technology of a gas grill with the smoky note of a charcoal grill. Instead of charcoal, the smoker uses wood pellets with a diameter of around 6 millimeters. The model can hold up to 9 kilograms. With the electric ignition, the Aldi smoker can be lit up quickly. The grill temperature can be read on the device and can be quickly adjusted from 82 to 232 degrees using an electric rotary control. The grill area is quite large at 66×49.3 centimeters and the warming grill also offers sufficient space at 69×18.7 centimeters. Grill accessories & Co. can be found in the base cabinet. The 66-kilogram model stands on four castors, so that it is flexible, but is just as secure thanks to the parking brakes. The scope of delivery also includes grill gloves, a protective hood and a fat collection bucket.

Amazon offer: Syntrox Germany as an alternative!

  • Equipped with 2 grills and a smoker
  • Mobile thanks to large steel wheels
  • Price on Amazon: 399.99 euros
Smoker Syntrox Germany XXL SM-03 at Amazon

Further alternatives to the Aldi offer

If stocks at the discounter are quickly exhausted or if you want to buy a different model, you will find more devices in the smoker comparison. In the table, for example, models from the brands Joe’s, Taino and Jamestown are compared in terms of smoker type, size of the grill surface and equipment. From the expensive top model to the affordable price-performance winner, everything is represented.
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