Beurer BC 54: Test of the wrist blood pressure monitor

For many people, regular blood pressure measurements are part of everyday life. An upper arm cuff is used as standard. But there are also more handy devices – and hand is the keyword here: The Beurer BC 54 Bluetooth is a wrist cuff. It is also smart and transfers its measured values ​​to the app on the smartphone. The test shows whether it performs as well as the test winner Omron M500 Intelli IT. You can read the entire test in the printed COMPUTER BILD edition 9/21 (first day of sale: April 23, 2021).
Beurer BC 54 Connect
The measurement starts at the push of a button.

Beurer BC 54 Bluetooth: accuracy in the test

The most important property of a home blood pressure monitor is its accuracy. We checked them in the Schoen Clinic Neustadt in Holstein, where the chief physician of cardiology, Prof. Dr. Peter Radke, who tested the Beurer BC 54 several times on different people. A cuff from hospital operations, the Boso K2, served as a reference and the test device was allowed to allow up to 5 millimeters of mercury column (mmHg) difference with each measurement. For the test, medical personnel put the cuff on the wrist of the test subjects. Despite this, the cuff consistently delivered measurements that were too inaccurate. The upper blood pressure value (“systole”) was on average 13 mmHg off, the lower blood pressure value (“diastole”) it was on average 9 mmHg too imprecise. That is by far not enough! In practice, the deviation is likely to be even higher, as it is difficult for laypeople to put the device on in the correct position and firmly enough.
Beurer BC 54 Connect
Instructions on the cuff clarify how the Beurer BC 54 is correctly attached.

Setup and operation of the device

Starting a measurement is simple: by pressing the button, the cuff starts to inflate. A button is used to change users. The small display shows the measured values ​​in large letters and is easy to read. The classification of the measured values ​​on a traffic light scale is a bit lost because the manufacturer only uses a small arrow that is easily overlooked. The Beurer BC 54 reacts more sensitively than the competition to measurement errors – it even complains when the cuff is too loose or when you speak. But in the end, this accuracy is of no use in view of the overall inaccurate measured values.
Beurer BC 54 Connect
The cuff reliably detected gross measurement errors in the test.

Smart: see results in the app

If you want, you can connect the cuff to your smartphone. The transmission of the results to the app works after the initial setup with the app at the push of a button after the measurement. The “Beurer Health Manager” app prepares the data in a clear manner. However, there is no classification of the values. Good: The data only migrates to the manufacturer cloud if the user also wants it.
Beurer Connect
The Beurer Connect app saves results.

Beurer Health: terms and conditions and data protection

The editors had the general terms and conditions (GTC) and data protection conditions of the manufacturer app checked by an independent law firm. The experts came to the verdict satisfactory (grade 3) for the terms and conditions and sufficient for data protection (grade 4). The biggest shortcomings: The provider uses data for advertising purposes and transmits data to the USA without guaranteeing adequate security standards.
Beurer BC 54 Connect
The Beurer BC 54 Connect comes with a storage box.
Beurer BC 54 Bluetooth: Compare prices on idealo

Beurer BC 54 Bluetooth: price and availability

The Beurer BC 54 Bluetooth costs around 40 euros in stores (as of May 3, 2021). The scope of delivery includes instructions, the cuff (wrist circumference: 13.5 to 21.5 centimeters) and two AAA batteries as well as a storage box.



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