NBA 2K21: Should Park Moves Be Removed? – Park Handles, Dribble Moves, Taunts, Controls & more

[ad_1] If you’ve hit The Park in The Neighborhood this year, you’ve likely seen a fair share of Park moves.
The Park in NBA 2K21 is one of the most competitive game modes, and it is also where many players spend their time. One of the more identifying parts of Park gameplay are Park moves, which include unique dribble animations, taunts and more. After some negative response from the players, though, should Park moves be removed in NBA 2K21?

Park Handles

One of the most unique aspects of The Park are dribble moves which come from Park Handles. This is unlocked via Rep, and includes flashy dribble animations and taunts. READ MORE: All of the Latest NBA 2K21 Locker Codes But due to the nature of these moves, they’ve come with controversy.
NBA 2K21 park dribble moves
THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN: While it wasn’t the biggest sample size, votes are in
A recent poll from NBA 2K Gameplay Director Mike Wang, shows the popular vote actually went to removing these moves entirely.

Park Move Controls

These Park dribble moves can be activated in different ways, but one problem is they’re easy to make control mistakes with.
nba 2k21 park
THE PROVING GROUNDS: Players are tested everyday in The Park
READ MORE: NBA 2K21 MyTEAM Guide: How to Win on a Budget And worse, when Park dribble moves do work well, they feel unbalanced and too strong in a game already catered to dribblers. With the combination of these moves annoying players that use them as much as players that face them, we could see some changes coming to them soon.

Removing Park Moves

Park moves aren’t universally enjoyed, but they probably shouldn’t be outright axed from the game. READ MORE: NBA 2K21 Shooting Hotfix: Shot Meter, Park & more Park dribble moves are a signature part of the game mode, and add to the competitive atmosphere. And after nerfs in NBA 2k21 Update 1.02, things are moving in the right direction. READ MORE: NBA 2K21 MyTEAM: Guides, Promos, Latest News & more But to keep players happy, NBA 2K21 does need some changes around these dribble moves. We expect this will come with a more consistent control setup to activate these moves.
NBA 2K21 Patch 1 03 Feature Reveal
A PREVIEW: Wang offered a look at what’s to come in NBA 2K21’s next patch
If changes do come, they’ll likely be a part of Update 1.03, which already has some big gameplay changes revealed. READ MORE: NBA 2K21 MyCAREER: Archie Baldwin vs Harper Dell, Story, Colleges & more



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