Madden 21 Ultimate Team: Beginner’s Guide – First things to do in MUT 21, Programs, TOTW, Plays, Playbooks & more

[ad_1] Madden Ultimate Team isn’t exactly new player-friendly, so here’s how to start your squad on the right foot.
Madden 21 has ushered in a new era of Madden Ultimate Team gameplay. But you don’t have to worry, because no one is too far behind to catch up! Here’s the best way to start your MUT 21 journey.

Latest News – Best Offensive Play for MUT

Madden 21 Ultimate Team can at times be daunting, and succeeding on offense is important to bring home wins.
double post madden 21 playart
THE JUICE: Bust this play out any time for massive gains
To hang with the top MUT players, you’ll need a secret weapon, and this play could be it! READ MORE: Madden 21 September Title Update brings sweeping changes We’ve discovered one of the most powerful offensive plays in Madden 21, and it fits perfectly in MUT 21. You can read over our full breakdown of the play, and how to pull it off with just a single audible!

Starting Challenges

Madden Ultimate Team in Madden 21 starts with some challenges to get players acclimated to the game mode. These challenges are locked to Rookie difficulty and require very simple things like gaining 5 yards in a possession.
rsz lamar jackson madden 21
EASY MODE: Having Lamar Jackson at QB for the first challenges makes them a breeze
For the fastest way to run through these starter challenges, simply scramble with Lamar Jackson after your receivers drag the defense back and you can handle most of them in a single snap. READ MORE: Madden 21 Review: The Yard shines in EA’s new NFL game This is EA’s way of screening out players who aren’t yet ready to play against other people.

Pre-Order Packs

Depending on the way you purchased Madden 21, you might have bonus packs to start your Madden Ultimate Team journey. For players with access to the game now, you’ll have pre-ordered the MVP or Deluxe Edition of Madden 21.
madden 21 team captain packs 1
TOUGH CHOICES: Choice packs are quite difficult in MUT, just make sure to take your team composition into account
The Deluxe Edition comes with 12 Madden Ultimate Team Gold Team Fantasy Packs (which allow you to choose a team and open players from its history), and a NFL Team Elite Pack. READ MORE: 5 Reasons to Buy Madden 21: The Yard, Gameplay Changes & more The MVP Edition comes with 17 Madden Ultimate Team Gold Team Fantasy Packs, a Madden Championship Series Ultimate Champion Pack, and an NFL Team Elite Pack. READ MORE: Madden 21 The Yard: Features, Rules, Positions & more You should open your Gold Team Fantasy Packs first, as these give a variety of rewards, which will help you choose better for your lineup for packs with choices between top players.


Once you’ve got your team set, it’s time to dive into solo content. Yes, that’s right, not a multiplayer queue.
Madden 21 MUT missions 1
BEWARE: Some missions are overtuned for players early on in MUT
This is because solo missions are the best way to build up your team and grind out coins. The first sets of missions are very simple, and once you’re able to start leveling up the difficulty, this is worth it for the extra rewards. READ MORE: Madden 21 Controls Guide Keep an eye on bonus objectives for missions, as these also offer additional rewards and are usually pretty straightforward if you know about them ahead of time.


Once you’ve grinded out the basic starting missions, it’s time to earn your Captain.
Madden 21 MUT Captain 2
EARN IT: You’ll be able to unlock a MUT Captain by completing their tryouts
This is done by completing the tryouts for each MUT Captain, then choosing which you’d like to bring on to your squad. READ MORE: Madden 21: Everything you need to know about new Pass Rushing Abilities Like all choice packs, choose your Captain based on their fit with your lineup rather than their name value.

NFL Epics

Once you’ve gotten your Captain, the next step is to grab your star from the NFL Epics.
Madden 21 MUT NFL Epics challenges 1 1
STEP UP: The NFL Epics challenges are a step up in competition for a higher caliber player
This set includes some 85 OVR players to choose from, and puts you in more difficult situations to earn them. READ MORE: Madden 21 Xbox One: Where to download, Features, Price, Release Date & more It may be a step up in competition, but it’s also a huge step up in reward.

Don’t Buy Packs

The final step in this starting guide is a simple warning – don’t buy packs in MUT! These are always a gamble, and almost never worth the cost to purchase them. READ MORE: Madden 21 PS4: Specs, Features, Price, Release Date & more Instead, simply pick up the players you need on the Marketplace as they are posted. This is how you coins in the long run.

MUT TOTW 2 Is Coming Soon!

One of Madden Ultimate Team’s most unique programs is TOTW, and in Madden 21, it has taken on a very new form. Madden 21’s TOTW now not only includes the best performing players in that week of the NFL season, but it also includes legends that performed on that week in history. READ MORE: Madden 21 Ultimate Team: Alternate Playbooks for Offense and Defense This way, MUT 21 TOTW brings players into MUT from the league’s present and past. With MUT 21 TOTW 1 in the books, we’ve gone over our predictions for the upcoming MUT TOTW 2 here.



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