NBA 2K21 MyPLAYER Builds: Paint Beast – Badges, Stats, Breakdown & more

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NBA 2K21 is here, which means players are scrambling to put together the MyPLAYER build they’ll use this year (at least until next-gen arrives). And there are many NBA 2K21 MyPLAYER builds to choose from. In fact there are hundreds of builds, which means finding the right build for your playstyle takes some exploring. With this in mind, we’ll go over all of the most popular and useful NBA 2K21 MyPLAYER builds. We’ll be starting with a favorite for PF’s and C’s alike, the Paint Beast.

NBA 2K21 Paint Beast

The Paint Beast is becoming somewhat extinct in the NBA, but it lives on through some superstar talents, and can be a fantastic weapon as an NBA 2K21 MyPLAYER build. For Park/Rec games, the Paint Beast fills a complicated role in a sea of smaller, faster builds. READ MORE: NBA 2K21 Locker Codes: New Codes, Details, MyTEAM, Expiry Date & more The Paint Beast is quite self explanatory. Your job is to control the paint on both sides of the ball, and dominate boards as well as offer some offensive and defensive strength.

Paint Beast Badges

In all NBA 2K21 MyPLAYER builds, badges are the key to success.
NBA 2K21 Badges MyPLAYER Builds
BUILDING BLOCKS: Badges are the base you build your character on
These are the most important badges to focus on for your NBA 2K21 Paint Beast.

Contact Finisher

This badge may read like a badge for slashers, but it’s massively important for Paint Beasts. READ MORE: NBA 2K21 Xbox Series X: Price, Features, Specs, Release Date & more It applies a finishing bonus to all contact layups and dunks, which will be a majority of your offense. This is an absolute must have, even for defensive-minded NBA 2K21 Paint Beast builds.

Pogo Stick

One of the most frustrating NBA 2K21 badges is a return from last year, a badge that is massively forgiving for defensive mistakes like leaving your feet too early, Pogo Stick.
NBA 2K21 demo MyPLAYER Badges Pogo Stick Intimidator 1
ELITE: Pogo Stick is one of the most important badges in the red tree
Pogo Stick means you can contest on defense constantly to ensure no easy looks. And while it turns post defense into a button spam, it’s massively successful at turning away good shot opportunities.


This is another massively important NBA 2K21 badge that is making its return from last year. It is constantly useful on defense, as its effect applies both to players you are directly guarding and players you’re near. READ MORE: NBA 2K21 Shooting Hotfix: Complete Breakdown of the Update, Shot Meter & more This means you can help contest shots you aren’t even in-position for, which makes driving to the hoop a nightmare for opponents.

Back Down Punisher

On offense, a lot of your time as a Paint Beast will be posting up and backing down other bigs in the paint. READ MORE: The Beginner’s Guide to MyTEAM This makes Back Down Punisher a very important badge to ensure you get easier contact layups and dunks as opposed to close-ranged jumpshots, which are much more difficult for Paint Beasts.

Rim Protector

Rim Protector allows for better shot blocking, which is a huge weapon for Paint Beasts. This takes away the opportunity for your opponent to green even the most heavily contested shots, and usually creates for a fast break the other way.
nba2k21 cover star anthony davis
BLOCK MACHINE: Most players think of Anthony Davis when they think of successful rim protectors
Rim Protector will make opponents think twice about pulling up shallow for a jumper, or driving into the paint to try and force up a contact layup.

Rebound Chaser

Paint Beasts are at home boxing out and chasing down rebounds. This makes Rebound Chaser a no-brainer that should take up at least a few of your badge slots.
LEGACY: This badge has a long history of being very important for bigs
This badge will help you out-rebound other bigs, and chase down rebounds ahead of faster, smaller players that take bad bounces.

Brick Wall

This badge is one of the more tricky ways Paint Beasts can contribute to their team on offense. This badge helps Paint Beasts land huge impact screens, and tire out opponents when they take a hit. Adding this badge to your screen game makes Paint Beasts absolutely deadly on offense, and can open the floor right up to your shooters, still allowing you time to get back for the rebound. READ MORE: 5 Reasons to buy NBA 2K21: New Gameplay Features, MyCAREER, MyTEAM & more Using this badge well is what separates a good Paint Beast from other NBA 2K21 MyPLAYER builds.

Pie Charts

There are some new pie charts to choose from in NBA 2K21, and while each give plenty of different build path options, it’s really up to players which they’d prefer. But for Paint Beasts, the priorities are very straightforward. READ MORE: NBA 2K21 PS5: Specs, Features, Price & more The traditional Paint Beast leans heavily on red, which includes defensive and rebounding attributes/badges. You will also mix in blue for inside finishing as your second priority, with yellow and green being pretty ignorable.

Physical Traits

Paint Beasts will want to lean on strength more than anything, and vertical as a secondary focus. These two will allow you to impose your will down low, and contest shots easily. Strength will help you box out, and back down defenders on offense, while vertical will help you get up contested shots easier, and snag important blocks on defense. READ MORE: NBA 2K21 Editions: Price, Rewards, Mamba Forever, Next-Gen & more Wingspan and height are things that vary depending on your approach to building a Paint Beast. But most builds will involve being at least 6’10, and having a longer wingspan to help you reach out for rebounds and blocks. These traits may hurt you for things like shooting the ball, but that’s far from your biggest concern as a Paint Beast.

How to Play a Paint Beast

Once you finish your Paint Beast build, you’ll want to take to the court. You’ll have the option of grinding up VC and skills/badges in MyCAREER through highschool and college, or going straight to the NBA. You can also bring your MyPLAYER right into the fire with The Neighborhood.
NBA 2K21 Clint Capela
REPRESENTATION: Clint Capella is one of the most successful Paint Beasts in NBA 2K21
If you have any extra VC, it’s probably worth dumping it into attributes to make sure your MyPLAYER is better equipped to perform early. Better performances will mean higher grades, which will mean more VC. This is especially important if you’re looking to hit The Neighborhood to play in The Park or The Rec. Once you face players with your Paint Beast, here are the ground rules for how to be effective:
  • Match up with whoever your biggest opponent is, and try to guard them while still keeping close enough to the paint to contest drives and get rebounds.
  • If you’re stuck on a fast perimeter shooter, you may have to give up some decent outside looks. It’s more important to contest rebounds and cutting or driving into the paint than to contest 3-pointers. This is especially true with the build’s weak perimeter defense and speed.
  • On offense, look to position in the paint between the opposing bigs and the basket, or post up against an opposing big in the paint to work your back down offense. It’s important when backing down in the paint to secure good layups and dunks, even with contact. This is still true with builds dabbling in post hooks.
  • Unless you have pogo stick, try not to leave your feet too often when defending. This is because even without jumping, you’ll put big pressure on scorers, and if you leave your feet, faster players will get around you for an easy look.
  • Try not to bring the ball up the court, as this build limits your ball handling and speed skills. Allow guards or small forwards to take this role, while you position down low.
Paint Beasts can slot into most different team compositions. But it’s worth it to find other NBA 2K21 MyPLAYER builds that can handle the ball, pass, and shoot. This will compliment your skillset and result in the most dangerous team chemistry. READ MORE: NBA 2K21 MyTEAM: Locker Codes, Limited, Unlimited 2.0, Guides & more



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