“Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War” goes on a multiplayer world tour

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer © ActivisioN Treyarch Raven

Moscow: strange and mysterious. Probably also for the developers of “Call of Duty ?? Black Ops Cold War”. There are just a few statues.

HCreator Activision and the developers Treyarch and Raven have finally published official information on the multiplayer mode of “Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War”. There was already a lot of interesting information about the campaign, all of which can be found at COMPUTER IMAGE. Before the official information about the multiplayer there was a leak, a gameplay video revealed images of the location Miami. Players around the world were rather disappointed, the noises of the guns were lousy, the gameplay itself boring and the “skill-based matchmaking” cheese anyway. You can read in this article what the makers (among other things) promise full-bodied, how the short play session was and much more.
Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer © ActivisioN Treyarch Raven

Freischwimmer: More than just cooling off in Call of Duty ?? Black Ops Cold War. You can also take part in conquering an area in the water.

The promises for CoD ?? Black Ops Cold War

Manufacturer Activision and the development teams of Treyarch and Raven are of course launching a lot of new features and promises with a new game. Here some examples.
  • Clandestine Operators: Players individualize secret operations with a classified past. Doesn’t mean much else than players working in organizations known from the Cold War: CIA, MI6, KGB and so on.
  • Player Immersion: Narrative elements based on historical operations should be built into the multiplayer mode. The multiplayer story takes place years after the campaign story.
  • Cold War Globetrotting: Players are dropped in locations around the world ?? international and with many different facets. The Black Sea, the deserts of Angola, the neon-laden streets of Miami Beach, and urban Moscow are just a few examples. What should promote variety, variable play styles and much more.
  • All-New Modes: New modes are called “Tactical 6v6 VIP Escort”, “12v12 Combined Arms” or “Fireteam” for 40 players. “Fireteam” means: ten teams compete in groups of four on large maps with land, sea and air vehicles with different goals. “Fireteam” promises a sandbox with many paths to many goals. One mode of this type is called “Dirty Bomb” and will be introduced in the coming weeks.
  • Black Ops Map Design: The maps range from the tiny, narrow map with just three streets to open spaces and large-format areas for infantry and vehicle battles.

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Call of Duty weapons

The guns are said to be authentic for the 80s. “Create-a-Class” ?? a great term for more flexibility that allows you to easily create a powerful class with four new placeholders. Equip your soldiers like an armorer: 54 attachments with eight slots for the primary weapons. For the first time, you can even equip up to eight things with a specific selected wildcard at the same time. The “In-Game Weapon Stats” provide even more details for nerds, in-game weapon statistics for your own weapon. The “Scorestreak System” is intended to provide additional motivation. So scores are not automatically lost when the virtual character dies. Multiple kills are not immediately gone. By “Gun Skill is King” the makers mean a finely tuned configuration of the weapons: Whoever uses them particularly well wins too! Among other things, there are such guns: XM4, a carbine, the AK74U assault rifle, the MP5 submachine gun, the light MG Stoner 63, the SA12 shotgun and much more like the Cigma 2, grenades, narcotics and whatever the heart of the Cold Warriors desires. Incidentally, the units have the names in German: Tarnsoldat, Punktefreund, Grenadier, fire support and double agent.

The vehicles in Cold War

There are new vehicles such as snowmobiles, dirt bikes, gunboats, jet skis, beach buggies, but also helicopters and tanks. The new “CoD” offers many powerful perks, including new, but also fan favorites like Spycraft, Gearhead, Ninja, Ghost, Engineer and more. Not exactly reason to be happy for everyone: “Unlimited Sprint” and “Auto-Regeneration”: Players sprint continuously without losing strength and automatically heal their figure. The start of the sprint as well as the crawl should run more smoothly? this also applies if you take cover. If you shoot around happily without a silencer, you will soon pass your laughter, because the mini-map shows that to all other players ?? no matter if friend or foe. The zip lines, which make it easier to move from one ship to another, are effective. The tapes were really fun, the short boat ride was okay, steering was easy. And even a little bath was good? and also looked impressive.

Call of Duty technology

Other things that Activision is announcing are a cinematic game experience, working compatibility between the platforms, keywords next-gen. Cross-gene, cross-play. With the “Battle Pass” there will be constantly fresh material in the future, also free of charge, as well as community events and integration into Warzone. Further full-bodied announcements concern the technical side, which should guarantee both better optics and more impressive acoustics. “4K Visual Fidelity”, “DirectX-Raytracing”, “Next-Gen 3D Audio” make everything seem more realistic, the “Threat Priority System” should ensure that the player in a multiplayer battle can hear what he really wants to hear . Of course, the ballistics of the weapons should have reached a new level, the cards are even better designed, 120 Hertz support means less latency in the game, the “haptic” feedback for even more immersion on the PlayStation 5.

First impression: Multiplayer has been disappointing so far

The session was … a disappointment. The battle began with a considerable delay, it went on ships, to Moscow, into the desert and to Miami. Paying attention to all the news was almost impossible in the two hours or so, of course the players had enough to do with not being cannon fodder for other comrades-in-arms. Especially on the ships, the graphics were rather solid, apart from the effects when swimming and especially when surfacing. There were no closed doors to open ?? Everything seemed run-of-the-mill, the dynamic zip lines were a rather insignificant exception. There were also no real surprises on the maps or in the surroundings, apart from the many clichéd statues in Moscow, where the American developers seem to have given free rein to their post-Soviet fantasies. What was completely missing was the promised agent feeling, and the VIP escort mission didn’t create the right atmosphere either. And in fact the sound was anything but bombastic? The voice of the speaker, which announces the score, was immensely annoying.

Prediction: Black Ops Cold War in multiplayer mode

Of course, we and everyone else only saw tiny parts of the game, the developers promise that there’s a lot more to come with a lot of quality. So no hasty judgment! But it seems like the sky is no longer full of violins for shooter games. Especially not in multiplayer modes. Finding something new, really surprising or captivating there is extremely difficult. (Maybe everything has already been said or developed). In a test session with an alpha version of a game that lasts several hours and is still too short, this is almost impossible. Even with such a well-known title as “Call of Duty ?? Black Ops Cold War”.



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