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Get Comfortable With Jumpshots

It can be a bit confusing when playing different NBA games on mobile. You might be asking yourself; what’s the difference between NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition and a game like NBA 2K Mobile? Well, 2K Mobile, the free option (2K21 “can” feel free if you’re already on Apple Arcade subscription) is card-based, and also, the game doesn’t penalize you much for poor shot timing. However, in 2K21 Arcade Edition, the signature shot timing feature is available in full force. As with the console games, different players have their own, unique jump shots. This means that you need to get comfortable with the shots of different players to perfect those shooting skills. You’ll a shot release grader on the top of the screen every time you shoot. If you get “Slightly Late” or “Slightly Early”, you can miss or make your shot. It’s 50/50 there. If you “Very Early” or “Very Late”, you’ll miss your shot more than likely. Finally, if you get the always satisfying “Excellent” release, your shot will drop through the hoop every single time. In the old NBA 2K games, Excellent releases didn’t always go in, but in the modern games, these shots are famed for always dropping in. These are lovingly called “Green Releases” by the community. Mastering your jump shot timing will go a very long way.

Move The Ball Around Often

One of the interesting things about NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition is that it may make you consider basketball fundamental when on the hardwood. So if you’re someone who wants a more authentic experience, then you might appreciate this. Passing the ball is a basic but important fundamental in basketball. Great ball movement can lead to wins as opposed to just running isolation with one player, even if it’s the star. The game’s CPU players will try and guard you closely, so this is why it’s important to dish the ball off. As soon as another player catches it, you should have enough room to fire off a shot from three or mid-range before the defender tries to close in on you. Make sure of course that you have the ball in the hands of a good enough shooter. 

Call For Screens

This may seem like a more advanced move for new NBA 2K players but it’s extremely easy to execute in the games. Setting screens is a great way to open up opportunities for scorers. Having a good big man on the team that can do this will be very beneficial.  This will allow you to possibly get some open looks at three-pointers. This can also let you have some good looks to drive to the hoop and score that way. If the ball handler you’re using is a slashing type, then this is a perfect time to take advantage of the screen and throw it down with a dunk.  Just bear in mind that, screens don’t always work, as some players can get around them. Also, be careful with the timing of the screens being set. If a defender runs into your teammate’s screen before his screen is set, your team will be called for an “Illegal Screen” which will turn the ball over. 



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