3D audio streaming: How Auro-3D and DTS: X want to catch up with Dolby Atmos

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Anyone who buys a home theater system or soundbar that can use Dolby Atmos, DTS: X or Auro-3D sounds to sound over the heads of the audience usually goes in search of suitable soundtracks after installation. After all, you want to hear what it sounds like when a helicopter circles the living room ceiling, for example. In addition, every provider claims that its format makes the 3D sound particularly immersive compared to the competing solutions. Auro advertises that with Auro-3D the lower and upper levels merge smoothly, while Dolby relies on more radical sound reinforcement directly from the ceiling. With DTS: X, DTS wants to have finally found the solution for the best 3D sound with the greatest flexibility in terms of speaker setup. Many users would like to check these statements in practice and let the 3D sound formats compete against each other. This is easily possible with Blu-ray discs and Ultra HD Blu-rays: Although the vast majority of films are offered with Dolby Atmos, there are also a number of discs with Auro-3D and DTS: X sound. The situation is completely different with video streaming services: Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV +, iTunes, Disney + and Netflix only offer 3D sound in Dolby Atmos.
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