Most Popular Exotic and Mouth Watering Marijuana Strains

Some of us enjoy smoking tasty marijuana strains not just because it makes us feel better but also because it tastes incredible. Aside from CBD and THC, cannabis holds other essential compounds called terpenes, contributing to each strain’s superior taste and flavor profile. Look at some of the best cannabis strains with the most reliable and balanced bud quality attributes, taste, smell, and effects.

Every one of the cannabis users has their preferences in choosing what strain they need to consume. And when they consume a particular cannabis strain, it will surely give satisfaction. Some users choose certain strains to feel the exotic effects of THC and CBD. However, most marijuana lovers consider the bud quality, smell, and taste before using a specific marijuana strain.

Most strains have distinct tastes and smell that change by the type, quality, and landrace. Every cannabis has its terpenes and other substances that are capable of rendering its smell and flavors. Terpenes produce unique tastes, such as piney, citrus, sour, skunky, berry, earthy, diesel, and numerous varied flavor profiles.

Best Exotic and Tasty Cannabis Strains

Super Lemon Haze

Super Lemon Haze is an exotic lemon-flavored marijuana strain that is cherished worldwide for its excellent terpene profile. The lemon flavor is one of the most distinctive tastes cannabis users love to try at least once. The smell you get after smoking will make your mood fresh instantly. Suffice to say, when you need a juicy and citrus weed to relieve your pain and tensions, Super Lemon Haze is the one you should try.

Cherry Pie

Durban Poison and Granddaddy Purple make this incredible hybrid strain. It has Indica dominance when we talk about the effects after using it. With its powerful Indica traits, it might make you soothing and lazy. Moreover, it will control your sedation and fill you with energy due to its Sativa traits from Durban Poison. Many users report that the Cherry Pie strain has helped reduce pain and headaches after a long working day. Apart from that, its high Myrcene, Pinene, Limonene, and Caryophyllene terpenes make it wonderful medical marijuana. The fresh cherries and earthy flavor are enough to fill your mood with satisfaction.


Zkittlez can render a fruity flavor in your mouth that can delight your day in a way you would never have imagined. Zkittlez is the right blend of genetics that delivers a soothing high. With its incredible aroma and taste, you’ll cherish its mouthwatering bites with all your heart. Oozing with THC, its succulent sugar-covered buds will eliminate your pains before making you surf in a positive trance.


Blueberry cannabis is a hybrid strain between Afghani Indica, Sativa Thai, and Purple Thai. It’s a mouthwatering strain that many medical and recreational users prefer to have regularly. This highly rewarding hybrid is grown by many growers. The rich smell of berry and citrus renders from Blueberry buds that you will love to smoke. The terpenes, original clone, and quality of the Blueberry genetics make it popular among marijuana users. It will allow you to enjoy the rich experience of using cannabis strain with an excellent flavor profile.


This Indica-dominant hybrid is crossbred between Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet. It renders a berry scent when you smoke it. Interestingly, it holds rich terpenes like pinene, myrcene, and caryophyllene, making it a medical marijuana strain too.

You might feel a soothing sensation with gentle euphoria without any adverse effects. Patients can also use it to alleviate anxiety, stress, spasms, and pain with sufficient doses under proper medical marijuana guidance.

Sour Grape Kush

Sour Grape Kush is a crossbred strain mixed with citrus notes, nectar, and banana. Moreover, you will also sense the hints of mango, pineapple, and papaya. It’s a Sativa-dominant hybrid that you can smoke in the daytime to get your energy and be productive in an instance. Not many dispensaries have Sour Grape Kush, so when you lay your hand on this strain, don’t miss it.

Agent Orange

Agent Orange produces a robust smoke with rich citrus notes. The Agent Orange is one of the core Orange family members in fruity cannabis strains worldwide. Users who love citrus-flavored taste love this strain. Agent Orange has a smell of oranges and lemon. The excellent vibe you feel after using it is pleasant and uplifting. Overall, Agent Orange produces exceptional quantities of fruity-smelling weed.


Many users cherish the flavor profile of Lavender. This strain has evolved as one of the tastiest and appreciated varieties worldwide. If you love the fruity cannabis flavors, this is your go-to weed. However, there is an entire spectrum of other juicy, floral, and spicy flavors. But the Lavender strain is a unique type in its way. Moreover, Lavender is the quintessential floral flavored strain with strong peppery and floral notes.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is the most sought-after marijuana worldwide. It’s one of the exotic marijuana strains that users wish to try at least once. Interestingly, Blue Dream is a classic, top-shelf product displayed by most dispensaries. Users worldwide prefer to have this strain to enjoy its blueberry, pine, and spice flavor. As a gimmick, some people have been calling Blue Dream a delicious hipster for its mouthwatering flavor and smell.

Strawberry Cough

We all love to eat freshly picked strawberries from the fields. While not all can have this privilege, Strawberry Cough Sativa strain can be its replacement and fill your mouth with the taste of strawberry when you smoke it. The hint of earthy flavor controls the sweetness that you would anticipate. Moreover, it will not render the smell of candy. Strawberry Cough can lure you into positive thinking as it can help you strike the necessary motivation to do some productive work. When you use it properly, it can have positive effects while filling your mouth with berries.

Flavors, Smells, Effects: Choosing The Best Strain Has Never Been Easier

Every cannabis strain is unique and provides a distinct flavor, taste, and fragrance profile. A wide range of marijuana strains these days makes it easy for users to choose the best fit for themselves. An ‘excellent’ taste and smell for cannabis is subjective for different users. Some prefer the sweet or sour flavor, while many would regularly have citrus, earthy, or diesel flavor. The great news is that regardless of your desired taste, marijuana strains are available in all colors, flavors, fragrances, and appearance.

Strain genetics and climates are the two most important factors to consider to grow exotic-flavored strains. Always buy your favorite seeds from genuine seed banks with excellent customer reviews. Make sure your plantation doesn’t get mold, pests, or viruses to retain the quality of terpenes that make the taste of your buds. These days, industrial growers have set the standard for marijuana growing to attain the highest quality weed to provide medical values and ascertain more than just a euphoric buzz.



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