Mobile Legends Hacks and Cheats: Why you should never use them

[ad_1] In almost every game, there are always players who use an illegal way to gain some kind of advantage to play the game. Mobile Legends is not exempted from that exploitation. Since the game was released, various cheats and hacks were “created” by irresponsible parties to gain profit or advantage in the game that damages the fairness of the game. To name some types of hacks and cheats in Mobile Legends, diamond generator, insanely high damage, disconnect in-game, and most popular map hack. All of these cheats are done by players installing plug-ins, or editing the script in the downloaded game files.

Disclaimer – This is article is purely for your knowledge purpose. We do not encourage any kinds of hacks since using them is illegal and may reward you with a permanent ban.

Different hacks used in Mobile Legends

Here’s a detailed explanation on some hacks used in the game;

Map hack

A very popular hack that is used by players who don’t have confidence in map awareness, map hack is a cheat that provides a vision of enemies’ position in-game. The purpose of the hack is mostly to avoid being ganked, and knowing the enemies position in a teamfight or overall. Placing a downloaded file in the game file enables a player to do this.

Diamond generator hack

The name of this hack explains it all, getting a big amount of diamond for free by using plugins or online tools. Even this hack doesn’t affect the gameplay, it is extremely unfair to players that invested their money on the game. Anyway, it is easy for Moonton to detect the cheater since all transactions are recorded on their server hence suspicious transactions are easily detected.
Mobile Legends hacks
Example of diamond generator

High stats hack

Having high damage to kill enemies might sounds fun, but is very likely to be found out cheating. Therefore, this hack enables player to modify the stats of heroes before a game. To use this hack, third party app/plugin need to be installed in phone. Since MLBB is very strict with third party plugin usage, get ready to be banned.

Drone vision hack

Some players might think the surrounding view is too limited on their screen hence opting to use this cheat. Lifting the view helps players to be aware of the surroundings better, and target skills more efficiently. It can be done by editing script files in the game files.

Ping hack

You and your teammates face ping drop for no reason? You might be a victim of ping hack users. The cheater installs a third-party plugin or places a script file in the game folder. The whole team ping will be extremely high while the cheater’s team can play normally. There’s also a similar hack that disconnects you from the game in the early game.

How does Moonton fight hackers & cheaters?

The developers of Moonton are actively and seriously investigating reports on these cheats to ensure a “fair and just game environment”.
Mobile Legends hacks, MLBB hacks, Map hacks
They shared an update on their website regarding the issue and they also share the list of banned players for using hacks and cheats on their official Facebook page. Also, they made it clear that MLBB security team practice zero-tolerance policy on cheaters, no matter if they are a paying customer or not.

Reasons why you should not use hacks or cheats in Mobile Legends

You might get banned

The obvious impact of using hacks or cheats in Mobile Legends is getting banned. Once the operation team detects that you used a third-party plugin, they will start investigating regarding the matter and you will get banned from playing the game for a certain period of time, given that you are found cheating. The ban period varies depending on the severity of your “crime” but it can last up to 30 years.
Mobile Legends banned account
Your account will be banned if detected using hacks

You can lose your account permanently

When players use plugins or sites to cheat, they expose their account information to the cheat creator. Plugins contain malicious code and might retrieve data like passwords and PINs from your device. So, those data can be easily used to hack your game account. Recently, unlucky players across the globe have been experiencing their accounts getting hacked, which the hacker plays on the victim’s account or worse, requests money for them to leave the account. Attempting to cheat increases the chance of getting hacked, even when the plugins are never used in-game.

Using hacks or cheats disrupts the balance of the game

By cheating, a player/team gains an unfair advantage against another player/team, which disrupts the balance of the game. For example, when a player uses the high damage cheat, their opponents won’t have the chance to farm and fight against the cheater, no matter how hard he tries. This scenario should not happen, as every player should have equal opportunities to win, based on their skills.

Hacks & cheats kill the fun part of the game

Last but not the least, using hacks & cheats kills the fun part of playing Mobile Legends. The game should be an arena to test your skills, macro & micro management in the game, and teamwork with peers. Opting for a faster way to gain wins will not give a satisfying experience despite all the wins. Other players will be discouraged too when matched against someone who is impossible to beat because of using unfair means.

Are you cheating if you use VPN or Emulators?

Since the game was released, there were players who have been playing on computers using emulators, and with the recent upcoming event of Mobile Legends getting banned in India, players are trying to use service of VPNs to keep playing the game.
Mobile Legends hacks VPN Emulator
You may get warnings for using VPN/Emulator
While it is not recommended to do so to avoid cross-server, the usage of VPN and emulators is not considered cheating, means players will not be banned if caught using them. This is verified by the game’s customer service.

Final thoughts

MLBB security team is continuing to enhance their cheat detection system and always punish the violators of the game. They welcome players to report any suspicious activity of cheaters and ready to reward players for helping them to detect those violators. In case you encounter any player who is using unfair means, always report that player. You can do so by the in-game customer service or official community such as Facebook and Youtube. Also,we hope you’ll refrain yourself and friends from using any hacks or cheats in Mobile Legends!
We hope you find this Mobile Legends Hacks article helpful and would refrain from using them by any means. Have you ever encountered a hacker/cheater in MLBB? Let us know in the comment section below!  Make sure to follow GamingonPhone on Twitterand Instagram for more gaming news. And if you are looking for a group of mobile gamers to hang out, jump into our Discord server today. The post Mobile Legends Hacks and Cheats: Why you should never use them appeared first on GamingonPhone. [ad_2]
Mobile Legends Hacks and Cheats: Why you should never use them



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