Minecraft – All MC Championship Winners

Image via Noxcrew
Since the downfall of Minecraft Monday, the MC Championship has risen up to become one of the premier competitions for the game, pitting top content creators and Minecraft players against each other. The monthly event averages more than 10,000 viewers on the main Twitch broadcast alone, with the bulk of viewers watching the individual competitors’ broadcasts for their point-of-view and team comms.  Created by Noxcrew, a community of creators who have been creating Minecraft adventure maps, skins, and texture packs since 2017, the transition to tournament organizer has been very successful. The MC Championship focuses on a mix of classic and new fun and competitive party games, which you can learn more about on the event’s official website.  And since the event has been running for several months now, multiple teams of content creators have won the even and been immortalized on the in-game map that the event is played on.  Here is a list of every team that has won the MC Championship since the event’s first competition back in November 2019. 


  • Purple Pandas
    • Michaelmcchill
    • Kara Corvus
    • Krtzyy
    • King_Burren


  • Aqua Horses
    • Quig
    • HBomb94
    • Ryguy
    • MiniMukaYT


  • Orange Ocelots
    • Technoblade
    • RTGame (Daniel)
    • Toxxxicsupport
    • Wilbur Soot


  • Purple Pandas
    • Wilbur Soot
    • Technoblade
    • TommyInnit
    • Ph1LzA


  • Yellow Yaks
    • DangThatsaLongName
    • Shubble
    • Quig
    • Seapeekay 


  • Blue Bats
    • Froubery
    • Fundy
    • CptPuffy
    • BitzelYT

MCC 7 

  • Green Guardians
    • PeteZahHutt
    • fWhip
    • The Eret
    • HBomb94



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