Medion S3750: fitness bracelet at Aldi – here in the test


The display does not light up continuously, but only when it is activated.

E.a typical New Year’s resolution reads: more exercise. A fitness tracker helps to provide the necessary motivation. Just in time for the beginning of the year, Aldi has its own ribbon on the shelf: From Monday, January 4, 2021, the Medion Life S3750 will be on sale at Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd. COMPUTER BILD has already tried out the fitness tracker before it went on sale and clarified what it can do and what is different from its predecessors Medion S3600 (July 2020) and Medion S3500 (December 2019) has improved – and whether the tape is good as an incentive.
Medion S3600, Medion S3500 © COMPUTER BILD

The design of the new tracker differs from the two predecessors Medion S3600 and Medion S3500.

Medion S3750: design and display

The Medion S3750 bracelet consists of a plastic housing with a removable bracelet. An additional bracelet in blue is included in delivery. The Comfort is OK. With a Watertightness IP68 (exchange depth: max. 1.5 meters for 30 minutes) the device can withstand a heavy rain shower. The colored LC display With a diagonal of 2.44 centimeters (0.96 inches) can be read very well indoors, but less well in bright ambient light. The font is a bit small in places, but legible for the good eye. Operation is via the Touch button under the screen that responds to light and long presses. You have to get used to it, because the screen invites you to swipe – but it is not a touchscreen and accordingly an input is only made via the button under the screen. The button’s response is good. When Watch replacement The bracelet is only suitable to a limited extent, because it only shows the time if you raise your arm clearly or press the touch button, the rest of the time the screen remains black.

Battery: No cable and five days of running time

Like its predecessor, the Medion Life S3750 does not have a charging cable. The advantage: you only need one for one load USB connectionthat plugs into a power adapter or computer. What is inconvenient about this, however, is that the bracelet has to be removed each time it is charged in order to expose the charging connection. The battery lasted in the practical test with activated heart measurement and sleep tracking five days by, the manufacturer promises a term of up to seven days. The S3750 can also be switched off via the menu on the bracelet.

Fitness functions of the bracelet

The sporty functions of the Medion Life 3750 are similar to the previous models, the manufacturer has now made a few improvements:
  • Everyday activities: In everyday life, the Medion S3750 measures the heart rate, counts steps and calculates the calories consumed.
  • Sleep: At night it records the duration of sleep and roughly the phases of sleep. That worked well in the practical test.
  • Training recording by tape: To record a work-out, you can choose between running, walking and cycling modes; other types of training are missing on the tape itself. You start and stop the recording by pressing the button below the display for a long time. During exercise, the tape records movement and heart rate data, but no route.
  • The average heart rate After the training, the S3750 determined in the practical test with only minor deviations compared to the reference device – and thus remedies a shortcoming of the predecessor. It is a pity, however: There is still no curve that would clarify when the heartbeat has jumped and how high. However, there is an all-day course curve in the daily overview.
  • Training recording via app: The Medion fitness app has even more work-out modes so that the tracker is not only suitable for recording running, cycling and walking. You can find other sports such as yoga, soccer or climbing by tapping on the running man on the home page. You then use the menu to decide whether the tape or the mobile phone records the training, whether the mobile phone should record the distance covered via GPS and whether and which goal you are pursuing (distance, duration or steps). In the practical test, there was no map in the app showing the route covered.

More functions

The smart functions have not changed compared to their predecessors. In the practical test, all functions that are on board worked: The display provides information about this Weatherwhen the cell phone is within Bluetooth range. A stopwatch is on board. The Medion band reflects Notifications from the smartphone, for example an SMS, an appointment reminder from the calendar app or a message via the WhatsApp messenger. With incoming Call the tape vibrates, a call can be rejected via the button. A Vibrating alarm clock can be set via the app. The S3750 also acts as a remote shutter release for the camera of the paired smartphone. New is the “Female Health Care“Function: The band sends a reminder of the upcoming start of the period. The function can be found in the app in the band settings Alarm clocks & reminders, menstrual reminders.

Medion Fitness for Android and iOS

Evaluations in the Medion Fitness App © Screenshot Medion Fitness App

The “Medion Fitness” app shows what the tape has recorded and takes over settings.

Medion S3750: test conclusion and alternatives

Price and availability

The Medion S3750 fitness tracker will hit store shelves at Aldi Süd and Aldi Nord on January 4, 2021. It costs 19.99 euros and is therefore one of the cheapest fitness trackers on the market.



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