Medion Life Smart automatic feeder at Aldi in the test: meal!

Aldis Medion Life Smarter Automatic Feeder MD 60228: Test © COMPUTER BILD, I. Leschke

Aldis Medion Life Smart automatic feeder MD 60228 in the test: Remote feeding at the push of a button in the app or timed? No problem!

S.ou have to work overtime again? Or does the visit to the doctor drag on and then you spend a few hours in a traffic jam? To make matters worse, is your beloved pet waiting for the next meal at home with loud yowling? The solution should be a smart automatic feeder – like the one Aldi Nord is offering online with the “Aldi delivers” service from March 11th. But does feeding really work without being on site? COMPUTER BILD had the model Medion Life Smart Feeder MD 60228 in the test.

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Medion Life Smarter Automatic Feeder: Dimensions

With the dimensions of 24.4×35.6×35 centimeters, the smart automatic feeder is roughly the size of a 10-liter bucket. Inside, there is space for the contents of a 3-kilogram sack with dry feed, which is transported into the feed pan by a screw conveyor during operation. Great: The feed bowl can be removed in no time and can be cleaned thoroughly if necessary.

Don’t be afraid of the facility!

The device worked without any problems in the test: supply the automatic feeder with power using the supplied USB plug-in power supply and then switch it on. Then install the “Medion Pet” app (for Android smartphones and iPhones) on the mobile phone and start it. Now all you have to do is create a new account, connect the automatic feeder to the WiFi via the app, hold the displayed QR code in front of the automatic feeder’s camera – done!

Tidy and clear app

The app can do more

If the feed is running out, the sensors installed in the storage container send information to the user. The automatic feeder also has a built-in camera and loudspeaker. The pet can be observed via the smartphone and, if necessary, it can hear the confidential voice of its owner. In the test, the camera produced photos and videos in a very decent quality – but the recordings are distorted like a fisheye due to the large angle (120 degrees capture).

Medion automatic feeder MD 60228 in the test: conclusion

The Medion Life Smarter automatic feeder MD 60228 (“Aldi delivers”), available online from Aldi Nord from March 11th, is more than a nice gimmick. In a practical test, he ensured reliable feeding – this creates more freedom for dog and cat owners. But as with many smart helpers: only as long as there is an internet connection. In addition, customers have to shell out just under 90 euros for the Medion Life Smarter MD 60228 feeder. The feeder is definitely worth it, but it puts a noticeable burden on the household budget.



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