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Sports betting is traditionally based on a fixed scheme: before an event such as a game at the European Football Championship 2020 or a tennis match, bookmakers such as bwin, tipico and BildBet issue betting odds for the outcome. Players place their bets, which are then paid out after the game depending on the outcome. In the past few years it is not only the range of online sports betting that has grown rapidly. A new form has also been established: the live bet, which football fans can try out on request, for example at the match between the Netherlands and Austria on June 17, 2021 – the kick-off takes place at 9 p.m.
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This is how live betting works

As the name suggests, live betting refers to a currently running event. Online it is therefore possible to bet on the same game even after the kick-off of a game at the European Football Championship 2020 (all information about the schedule here). The only prerequisite for this is a customer account with a sports betting provider such as tipico, bwin and Bildbet, as well as a corresponding credit in this account. The range of live bets now includes the vast majority of events on which regular sports bets can also be placed. Which portal offers the best odds often varies from event to event.
An important difference between a live bet and a bet that you place before the game starts is the betting odds. The bookmakers adjust these continuously during the event. This can have far-reaching consequences for the potential profit.

Different types of live betting:

The major betting providers such as tipico, bwin and Bildbet offer different types of live bets – here is an overview.
  1. Outcome: At any point in the game, players bet on the outcome of a game. The closer the final whistle gets, the lower the betting odds may be. If a team leads 4-0 after 85 minutes, a bet on this team may no longer be possible because they are sure of victory anyway. However, if a game is drawn for a long time, the best odds are in the final minutes. Only the bet on a draw is then no longer particularly lucrative.
  2. Over / under: Are there more or less than 2.5 goals in the current game, for example at the European Football Championship 2020 (all information about the schedule here)? More or less than 4.5? How many sets is the current tennis match? These bets are among the most popular sports betting because they decouple gambling from the fate of individual teams. Instead, the player who has made a corresponding bet can look forward to every goal scored and every set played. Or get angry, depending on the outcome of the bet.
  3. Goal bets / set bets: who will score the next goal? Who will win the next set? These bets are also part of the live bets that players place particularly frequently. They increase the tension because the bet may be decided with the next action. Those who bet on individual goalscorers often get the best odds. By the way: A live bet won is usually credited during the game. The sports betting portals give players the opportunity to place the next live bet directly.
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This is why live betting is so popular

Many sports betting professionals rely primarily on live betting. They base their strategy on a simple assumption: With their experience and appropriate preparation, they react faster to current developments than the computer that calculates the betting odds for providers such as tipico, BildBet and bwin. To put it in football-German: betting professionals read the game better than artificial intelligence. This makes it possible for the players to anticipate at an early stage if a game will tip in a certain direction – at least earlier than the betting odds tip in that direction. This requires, among other things, an immense wealth of experience and a great deal of time. Because if you want to earn money with live betting in this way, you should also look at the event you are betting on. Only then is it possible to anticipate the dynamics of a game at the European Football Championship, a handball tournament or a tennis match at Wimbledon and place the bet at the moment of the best odds. Live betting is also enjoying growing popularity among recreational players. They create an additional moment of tension and, at least in theory, make it possible to earn money on the side at a football evening with friends.
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Football championship all over Europe, tennis in Almaty (Kazakhstan) or an online live darts league: Live bets come in all shapes and sizes.

Live Betting Strategies

Establishing clear strategies for live betting in advance is difficult. The most important prerequisite for successful gaming is: stay flexible and react quickly. Live bets on favorites that fell behind early are popular. This increases the live quota for the favored team, which is generally stronger despite being behind. Live bets should only be placed by those who follow the relevant event live, on TV or via stream. Otherwise they develop into a pure game of chance. Live bets are therefore repeatedly criticized, as they can trigger a large loss within a short period of time. Options such as “who will get the next throw-in?”, “Who will see the next yellow card?” or “Who will win the next point?” (Tennis) are therefore facing the end of the new German betting license. However, a general ban on live betting is not an issue.
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The best providers of live betting

Every major online sports betting provider also offers live betting. It is impossible to say in general who offers the best odds. It changes from game to game. The main distinguishing features are the thematic focus of the portals. Hundreds of different bets can be placed with each provider on major events such as the European Football Championship 2020. For smaller events such as handball or local tennis tournaments, Betway offers the largest selection of betting options. Other providers don’t even have these events in their program.
Here is an overview of sports betting providers that allow players to bet live, among other things:
  • tipico
  • bwin
  • Betway
  • Admiralbet
  • Interwetten
  • Picture bed
  • Bet365
  • Bet-at-home
  • Betano
The odds vary from provider to provider. This depends on the one hand on the number of bets placed and on the other hand with the reaction speed of the underlying algorithm. tipico, for example, explicitly advertises its offer with the option of placing bets live during a soccer game.



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