Elona Mobile: The complete Reroll guide and tips

Elona Mobile is an Open World Roguelike RPG game where you explore and expand the world around you. Once started up, this game will keep you busy for a while with its great system mechanics. Once you get used to it, you’ll experience a funny and easy to pick up. Since the game does feature a gacha system that allows you to spin for allies and equipment alike, we’ll start up this Elona Mobile Reroll guide explaining how this works, then move on to what rerolling is, and how to reroll efficiently in the game.

Gacha system in Elona Mobile

The ally gacha in Elona Mobile is an option that can be found by tapping the phone icon on the right side of the screen called the Gacha Machine. The Gacha Machine takes 2 types of currency called Girl Coin and Diamond. Girl Coin is obtained through events or purchase with real money, while Diamonds can be either directly purchased or earned throughout your adventure in many ways.
Elona Mobile Reroll Guide
The Gacha System in Elona Mobile
The odds can be viewed by tapping the Odds Overview menu, in which all allies are sorted by the rarity of which red quality has the highest value. High rarity equipment-related Gacha Machines can be viewed when a time-limited event of some sort launches and takes the same aforementioned currency. Other equipment-related Gacha Machines are found in Port Kapul, Cyber Dome (Blue and Purple), and Palmia (Blue, Purple, and Orange) and take either Blue, Purple, or Gold Token as draw currency which again, can be found during events or by adventuring.

Elona Mobile Reroll guide

Elona Mobile Reroll Guide
How to reroll in Elona Mobile
Rerolling refers to starting a new account in the game, hoping for better beginner Gacha draw results. In Elona, it would be mainly hoping for better quality allies to get a head start in the game. For instance, an account with 2 red quality allies would be better off than one with only 1 yellow and lower rarities. Since preregistration rewards are still available for all players that sign in now, it’s best to start rerolling as many times as possible even if you already have the desired ally.

Best methods to Reroll in Elona Mobile

1. Switching your in-game account

Heading over to the phone icon > Settings > Switch Account and choosing a new bind option, starting up from the game’s main menu > User Center and switch accounts from there or simply by creating a new character with the account your currently using from the phone icon>Character Management. Creating a new profile will also allow you to switch between them, without losing progress. It is in fact so easy that if you don’t get a satisfactory result, you can just delete it and start over.

2. Starting over or restarting your journey

Sadly, the Gacha Machine isn’t available just on the get-go but requires you to reach (great adventurer) level 5. Since you’re starting a new account no matter what way you chose it to, you’ll have to follow the story up until you reach that level. This, however, with skipping and speedrunning, takes an average of 10-15 minutes if you’re already experienced with the layout of the game. If not then it might go up to an hour, but we’ve got you covered with our Elona Mobile Beginners Guide and How to clear Nefia faster which will guide you through the basics of this game.

3. Completing the Fastest restart in a specific order

Below we’ve listed an order which you can follow to reach great adventurer 5 a lot quicker.
  1. Create a new profile: Head down to Settings>Character Management and create a new character via that page. Once finished, you’ll be redirected to the character customization screen.
Elona Mobile Reroll Guide
2. Create a suitable race and class: Since rerolling means you want the best draws possible, just in case this is the lucky account you’d want to make sure you go with a proper race and class choice to give you that head start later.
Elona Mobile Reroll Guide
3. Skip the story until the Beggar Cave: If you’re new, and what to know what’s going on, don’t skip it yet. Once you’re more experienced, you can skip the story up until the Beggar Cave scene. Skip the tutorial as well if you wish to proceed faster.
Elona Mobile Reroll Guide
Don’t forget that for this time period, you’ll be eligible to claim preregistration rewards and a recent bugfix consisting of girl coins x10. Claim these asap from your Mail, as you’ll need this for Gacha pulls later. 4. Leave the location and head to Vernis: Leave the location by choosing “Go Out” upon stepping on the green exit arrow. It’s near your home and Elle will properly guide you from there.
Elona Mobile Reroll Guide
5. Skip the story again: You’ll again be presented with a story to read, but you may skip this if you’re already familiar with the situation.
Elona Mobile Reroll Guide
6. Talk to the elder: Your next quest involves talking to the Elder of Vernis to appoint you into making a team.
Elona Mobile Reroll Guide
7. Talk to the Draw to make a party: Choose a party member when prompted by Shena, so you have an ally to depend on who’m will assist a lot in the coming quests.
Elona Mobile Reroll Guide
8. Investigate and clear the Mine: After setting up your team, and confirming this with Shena, go talk to Levythrew the Foreman at the mine entrance. Take his quest to clear the mine of all monsters, and clear every monster you come across. Chances are you’ll be level 4 before even exiting the Nefia and level 5 upon quest completion.
Elona Mobile Reroll Guide
9. Head to Lesimas level 2: Should you somehow not have reached level 5 yet, go talk to Loyter, the Crimson of Zanan and take his quest regarding an investigation of Lesimas floor 2. Clearing most monsters at Floor 1 should be sufficient for reaching level 5.
Elona Mobile Reroll Guide
10. Gacha time: Now that you’re level 5 tap the Phone, skip the dialogue and find the Draw egg icon. Spin away all your Girl coins and Diamonds in a Gacha and confirm you get either of the following results: at least 1 red quality ally or 2-3 yellow quality ones. if you’re insanely lucky, you might even bring home 2 red allies, though this is a very rare occurrence.
Elona Mobile Reroll Guide
Furthermore, Reroll again if you didn’t get the desired result by creating a new character and repeating all aforementioned steps. Should you run out of slots, delete the unlucky ones by typing in DELETE up until you reach the daily limit.

Did you find our Elona Mobile Reroll Guide helpful? Whom did you get in your first reroll? Let us know in the comment section below!

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Elona Mobile: The complete Reroll guide and tips



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