Lidl offers for this / next week: Brochure deals in check

E.A glance at the new Lidl brochure shows: This week there is also a lot of helpful technology on offer, especially drivers who have to prepare for winter get their money’s worth. But be careful, some products from the advertising leaflet can only be found on Lidl’s website. COMPUTER BILD reveals in a bargain check whether the discounter’s offers are worthwhile.

Lidl: Parkside Ultimate Speed ​​UMAP 12000A1

Ultimate Speed ​​Autostart Aid UMAP 12000A1 © Lidl

The Ultimate Speed ​​autostart aid UMAP 12000A1 is cheap at Lidl.

From the October 29th Lidl has the Ultimate Speed ​​autostart aid on offer. It just costs 58.19 euros and not only starts your car, but also serves as a power bank for smartphone or tablet. Your battery has a capacity of 12,000 milliampere hours (mAh) at 3.2 volts. Nice: The hybrid of power bank and jump starter also has a flashlight on board so that you can see better where to make the contacts in the early morning hours of the dark season. An alternative product on Amazon costs 109.16 euros, but also offers a battery with 18,000 mAh.

Lidl: Parkside LED work light

This LED work light only costs 6.78 euros and is at Lidl from October 29th available. It provides brightness of up to 250 lumens and is battery-operated. The LED head can be swiveled 360 degrees. For a similar lamp you pay around 14 euros on Amazon.

Lidl: Silvercrest hands-free system SBTF 10 F1

In the car, your hands belong to the wheel and the gear lever and nowhere else. A hands-free system prevents you from being tempted to take calls on your smartphone in the first place. Lidl has the Silvercrest SBTF 10 F1 from October 29th in the online offer for 14.54 euros. The Bluetooth hands-free system charges itself via a micro-USB connection, then offers up to ten hours of talk time and 600 hours of stand-by time. At Amazon, a comparable hands-free system costs 29.95 euros.

Lidl: Silvercrest Powerbank

It is a nightmare for many people when the cell phone battery fails on the go. That’s why many smartphone owners have a power bank with them. Lidl has from October 29th a particularly large power bank for 19.39 euros in the online offer, whose battery measures a whopping 20,000 mAh. However, Amazon can almost keep up. For the price of 19.99 euros, the shipping giant offers a similar device.

Lidl: Ultimate Speed ​​Autostart Aid UPK 10 C1

Before long trips, it is important to check the tire pressure. Some cars do this themselves and display a warning message if something is wrong. However, the driver then has to reduce the speed and find the nearest petrol station with a tire pressure measuring device in order to correct it. It is easier for all those who have the Ultimate Speed ​​Autostart Aid UPK 10 C1 on board. Lidl has the multifunction device from October 29th For 63.04 euros in the online offer. It is a jump starter, power bank and air compressor in one. But you can get away with it a little cheaper if you buy a comparable offer on Amazon.

Lidl: Parkside Compressor PKZ 180

If it is only a compressor for car or bicycle tires, Lidl has the Parkside PKZ 180 for 38.79 euros in the online offer and that from October 29th. The device inflates tires with a maximum operating pressure of 8 bar. Comparable compressors from the shipping giant are more powerful, but slightly more expensive.

Lidl: Silvercrest steam cleaner SDR 1100 C

Steam cleaners are clever helpers against all kinds of dirt. They clean tiles, showers, mirrors and windows hygienically and without chemicals. Lidl has from October 29th the Silvercrest SDR 1100 C3 for 19.39 euros in the online offer. The mail-order company doesn’t manage it that cheaply: The “Amazons Choice” from Kärcher is even more than twice as expensive as the Lidl device.

Lidl: Vileda battery broom Quick & Clean

For only 33.94 euros sells Lidl online from October 29th the Quick & Clean cordless broom from Vileda. A price that Amazon cannot top. The competing product costs 16 euros more there, and the mail order company does not have the Vileda cordless broom in its range.

Lidl: Silvercrest SBSS 750

From the October 29th you can get hold of the Silvercrest SBSS 750 in the Lidl online shop for 77.98 euros. The vacuum cleaner vacuums with a maximum power of 750 watts with an action radius of 9 meters and a dust bag volume of 3.7 liters. A price that Amazon can almost keep up with. The mail order company is 2 euros more expensive for a comparable vacuum cleaner.

Lidl: Carrera Autorennbahn First

Lidl sells this Carrera car racing track online and in the market for 23.27 euros. It comes in the motifs of Nintendo hero “Super Mario” or in Disney’s “Cars”. At Amazon, the Mario version costs 29.99 and that of “Cars” even 32.55 euros. At Lidl she is from October 29th available.

Poor deals from the Lidl prospectus

Not all offers from the current Lidl brochure are bargains. You can get some of the car aids for the winter at a little cheaper from the competition. The Silvercrest SBSS 750 is also not a top bargain, because the product at Lidl is only 2 euros cheaper than comparable vacuum cleaners from the competition. Those who can do without some suction power save a few euros here.

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In the overview above you will find the current Lidl offers together with the lowest internet price of the competition. Is a product exclusively at Lidl on offer, the editors look for the cheapest deals for similar devices and give a price estimate.



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