Aldi coffee machine: Inexpensive model from Quigg on offer

Aldi coffee machine: Inexpensive model from Quigg in the range Coffee machine from Aldi: From October 19, 2020, Aldi Nord will have a model from Quigg on the shelf.  © Aldi Nord, Quigg

Aldi coffee machine: From October 19, 2020, Aldi Nord will have a Quigg model on the shelf.

E.A freshly brewed cup of coffee awakens the spirits. According to the German Coffee Association, coffee drinkers in this country consume around 162 liters of the stimulant per year ?? So a good two to three cups a day. The classic is the filter machine. Capsule machines are also popular? they promise fresh coffee in seconds. Aldi occasionally includes coffee machines in its range. From October 19, 2020, Aldi Nord will be offering a Quigg coffee machine for 19.39 euros ?? Only while supplies last! Or would you prefer to buy a capsule machine like the Expressi Square? COMPUTER BILD presents the Aldi coffee machines including alternatives (all prices ?? as of October 16, 2020).

Aldi coffee machine: the functions of the Quigg

The Quigg coffee machine is equipped with a large 1.5-liter glass jug including a cup scale and brews coffee with a power of 900 watts. A heating plate ensures that the pick-me-up stays hot longer. Thanks to the 24-hour timer, the brewing start can be started at the desired time. The machine wakes you up with the scent of fresh coffee. An automatic shutdown function, overheating protection and a drip stop function ensure safety. Unlike the jug, the water tank with a level indicator holds 1.65 liters. A coffee spoon is also included. The Aldi coffee machine is compatible with standard size 4 filters.

Assessment of the coffee machine at Aldi

The price of around 20 euros for the Quigg coffee machine is strong. If you are not lucky at the discounter or would rather have a branded product, you can take a look at the Melitta 100801 Optima Timer from the Coffee machine comparison.

Alternative to the Aldi coffee machine

The plastic model is equipped with a 1 liter glass jug. The Melitta has an illuminated on / off switch and an automatic switch-off. An LED display shows the time and the adjustable timer. Simply make coffee: fill the water to the desired height in the transparent water tank, insert the filter bag into the swiveling filter insert with stainless steel cover, add the coffee powder and switch on the machine ?? finished! Good: The water tank has a cup scale on the side. The device cooks up to eight cups with a maximum of 850 watts. Thanks to the drip-stop function, the brewing process can be interrupted at any time. Easy cleaning: the filter insert and the water tank are removable. The machine warns of limescale and removes it at the push of a button. The alternative coffee machine Melitta 100801 Optima Timer is available online from around 46 euros.
Expressi Square © Aldi Süd

The Expressi Square heats up quickly and makes fresh coffee.

Aldi capsule machine: coffee enjoyment from the discounter

Those who prefer to enjoy their coffee in portioned form usually use a capsule machine. Such devices are also available from Aldi. The models in the Expressi series are particularly popular. According to the prospectus of August 12, 2019, Aldi Süd has, among other things, the Expressi Square for 59.99 euros permanently in its range. The model is relatively compact with dimensions of 34.5×12.8×26.2 centimeters. The Aldi capsule machine is heated up in around 15 seconds. The capsule container has space for up to ten capsules and the capsule is ejected automatically. The cup filling quantity is programmable. A second drip tray for large cups is included in the scope of delivery. The brewing temperature can be reduced for milk specialties. The removable water tank holds 800 milliliters. The hot water shoots through the coffee powder at 19 bar. The Aldi capsule machine switches off automatically after use.

Alternative to the capsule machine at Aldi

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