Lidl fitness: sporty deals in the price check

Lidl Fitness: Sporty offers at the discounter © Lidl

Lidl has an extensive range, especially in its online shop. This also includes fitness equipment.

I.n autumn, fewer and fewer athletes are drawn to the fresh air due to the cold and wet weather. Many go to the gym instead. But the way there sometimes takes a lot of effort and often a lot of money. Having your own training room is often cheaper in the long run. Lidl offers various fitness equipment such as ergometers, treadmills & Co. in its online shop and occasionally in the branches. COMPUTER BILD presents interesting Lidl fitness offers including recommendable alternatives (all prices and information as of October 23, 2020).

Lidl fitness: good to know

  • Fitness equipment from Christopeit Sport and Horizon, for example, is part of the permanent offer in Lidl’s online shop and is popular.
  • Due to the corona pandemic and the weather conditions, rowing tackles & Co. are currently in great demand.
  • Lidl charges online buyers EUR 4.83 per order, and even EUR 29.19 extra for deliveries by freight forwarder.

Ergometer at Lidl: sports equipment at the discounter

With an ergometer like the Horizon Fitness exercise bike Citta BT 5.0 for 486.42 euros from the Lidl online shop, you can virtually bring the fitness studio into your own four walls. The exercise bike has ten training programs, including pulse-controlled and manual programs. The magnetic brake system with its 20 resistance levels ensures that it does not kick too easily. A computer on the handlebar shows important information such as revolutions per minute, calories burned, heart rate and more on an illuminated 5.5-inch display. Clever: The model is equipped with a large, foldable shelf to place drinks, laptops, tablets, etc. on it. The heart rate is measured by sensors on the handles. The device is designed for a body weight of up to 136 kilograms (kg) and the flywheel mass is specified as around 6 kg. The ergonomic seat is individually adjustable. Thanks to the castors, the approx. 51 kg ergometer can be easily transported at any time.

Lidl treadmill: run fast?

When it rains outside, jogging is not much fun. So off to the treadmill. With the Christopeit Sport TM 500S treadmill, Lidl has a model for 556.18 euros on offer. Athletes can reach speeds of up to 18 kilometers per hour (km / h) on the vibration-dampened running surface. The speed can be set using the handles or direct selection buttons. So everything is possible from a light run to a sprint. There is also a safety stop. Nine preset and three manual training programs really get you going. An illuminated display shows, among other things, speed, calorie consumption, pulse rate and other relevant measurement values. Limits for time, distance and calorie consumption can be set so that training is effective. The model can withstand loads of 130 kg. After the training session, the tread of the Lidl treadmill is simply folded up to save space.

Elliptical trainer at Lidl: properly trained

If you train important muscles but want to protect your joints, you should buy an elliptical trainer. Lidl currently has the Horizon Fitness Andes 3 in its online shop for 1,169.80 euros. The model enables up to 16 resistance levels with its magnetic brake system. The flywheel is specified with about 7 kg. The time, speed and calorie consumption can be read on the LC display. The heart rate is measured using the handles or a heart rate belt. The sports device has various individual, manual, pulse-controlled and preset training programs. The Lidl crosstrainer is designed for a body weight of up to 136 kg. After training, the Lidl elliptical can be folded up to save space and the approx. 77 kg model can be moved at any time thanks to the transport rollers.

Lidl-Rudergert: At the same time, at the same time

Rowing is a demanding sport, as the movement trains almost the whole body at the same time. You can get started with a rowing oar without getting your feet wet. The Accord rowing device from Christopeit Sport is currently on sale for EUR 208.55 in the Lidl online shop and simulates the rowing movement using large extension arms. Equipped with twelve resistance levels, an effective training of the upper body, shoulders, back, arm and leg muscles succeeds. The seat is padded. An LC display shows, for example, time, calorie consumption and row strokes per minute during training. The model is designed for people up to 120 kg. The Lidl rowing device can be folded up after use.

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