Genshin Impact October 2020 Tier List

Genshin Impact made a big impact on its launch a few weeks back and has taken the gaming community on a roll with players rerolling the game to try out the different characters available in the game. All the characters have different stats, gameplay design, and elemental alignment. Currently, there are 23 characters available to play in Genshin Impact. Here, is our Tier list of Genshin Impact for October 2020. The Tier List is based on analyzing the Base Stats, Constellation Boost gain, and Growth in stats with an increase in Character Level.

Genshin Impact Tier List for October 2020

Overpowered Diluc Mona Fischl Venti
Strong Klee Barbara Keqing Xiao Qiqi
Good Xiangling Razor, Beidou, Sucrose, Jean Kaeya, Chongyun
Fair Bennett Xingqui Traveller Noelle, Ningguang
Below average Amber Lisa

Genshin Impact Meta Heroes

Overpowered – The Best of the Best

Diluc (Pyro)

Diluc is the ultimate best you can get. Diluc’s Elemental skill can be cast three times dealing huge damage with Pyro effect. His Elemental Burst can clear hoards of enemies and deals an AoE damage at the end.
Genshin Impact October 2020 Tier List
Diluc is one of the best DPS character in the game and a must in each and every party. The developers did an amazing job on Diluc. It’s not only the stats that makes him the best. The personality and the way Diluc carries himself in the game is appreciating.

Mona (Hydro)

Mona has good DPS but the fact that Mona’s burst damage is getting buffed makes very very dangerous character. With huge damage dealing with normal attacks and buffed elemental burst, Mona is going to be one of the must-have characters in the game.

Fischl (Electro)

Fischl is a versatile character. Depending upon the build, she can be a damage dealer or a supporter. That is the Flexibility with Fischl. Her elemental orientation of electro is an addition to her basic stats and the use of bow makes her an excellent support character.

Venti (Anemo)

The best support in the game right now. Venti is fun to play and strong at the same time. He can stun an entire army within moment. Venti has an excellent synergy with Diluc and they both are invincible on the battlefield.
Genshin Impact October 2020 Tier List
Venti is a five-star character in the draw and would be the best bet with anemo elemental who will easily replace the main traveler.

Strong – The Super Ones

Barbara (Hydro)

When used as a damage dealer, she is a plain useless character but she is an excellent support for her team. She has the ability to heal but moreover has a weapon that actually boosts the attack of her teammates.

Qiqi (Cyro)

Cryo characters are quite helpful at parties and Qiqi is the best frostie available in Genshin Impact. She can do damage and at the same time heal your teammates. Her active and passive skills are designed to regenerate the HP of teammates. This makes her an excellent support character.

Keqing (Electro)

Electro ability with sword-wielding gameplay, an amazing combination Keqing brings to the game. She has good damage but things get high when she reaches level 70. She becomes lethal burst damage with +15% crits and would easily be good than any other S tier character in the list.

Xiao (Anemo)

Xiao is the newest addition to the character list in the game and he does carry some serious damage. His elemental burst, the bane of all evil transforms him into a monster with increased attack and its range and also enhances the jumping ability. Xiao could easily have been an S class addition but the elemental burst drains Xiao HP making him dependent on a healer.

Klee (Pyro)

Klee is good with Elemental Skill doing AoE pyro damage three times and on the final bounce splits into mini mines that explode ultimately. She is designed to be a damage dealer with both active and passive stats favoring her attacking ability.

The Good & Worthy Heroes

Jean is the best bet in the A tier list, probably good to be in S-tier but her ultimate takes forever to load and she has clunky gameplay. The A tier characters are good, like Razor, Chongyun, Sucrose are having good stats but the issue is they are lacking some fundamentals. They are definitely worth to have but they just lack the edge to get over others. Beidou is another excellent character with flashy moves but she is very slow to play the character.
Genshin Impact October 2020 Tier List
The A tier characters are worth having and with an investment of resources they can turn out to be very good. Whereas the B and C tier isn’t that good. It would be better to use an alternative character with the required elemental orientation. Amber and Lisa are not up to the mark currently. They do have certain positive stats but it is evident that better options will always be available for forming parties.

Final Thoughts

Genshin Impact has been enjoying a roller coaster ride and the developers aren’t leaving anything that would hurt their progress. The character strength is getting decided by a lot of factors like the artifacts, weapon held, constellation, and the build. So the above tier list is very much subjective and may evolve over time with the addition of new characters and updates.
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