Lidl cordless vacuum cleaner: Silvercrest cheap at discount stores


Lidl cordless vacuum cleaner: the functions

The Silvercrest combines hand and stick vacuum cleaners in one handy device. The model can easily be placed under the sofa and into the back of the closet. With its two power levels, including an eco mode, it sucks away the dirt. LED lighting ensures that no speck of dust or lint goes undetected. According to the manufacturer, the 2,200 mAh battery lasts up to 34 minutes on one charge. The charging station then calls for about 6 hours. The model does not require a bag and holds around 400 milliliters of dust in a container. The can then? like the filters ??? easy to clean. Accessories include a charging station including a power supply unit, a brush attachment and a crevice and upholstery nozzle.

Assessment of the cordless vacuum cleaner at Lidl

The Lidl cordless vacuum cleaner from Silvercrest for 48.49 euros plus 4.83 euros shipping costs is a solid offer. With the Internet competition, comparable models cost around 10 euros more. If the discounter’s stocks are quickly exhausted or you are looking for a more powerful model, the test winner Dyson V7 Motorhead Origin is a strong alternative.

The best cordless vacuum cleaners

Alternative to the Lidl cordless vacuum cleaner

The Dyson secured first place with a grade of 1.7. In the practical test, the model delivers good suction power on both carpets and hard floors with its two suction levels and an output of 350 watts. It works powerfully, quickly and is particularly manoeuvrable thanks to its design. Thanks to the telescopic handle, it is just as versatile. Removing the cobwebs in the corner with the 2.33 kg vacuum cleaner or rushing under the bed is no problem. You can clean about 45 square meters with one charge ?? a slightly low value compared to the other test candidates. It is also a bit loud at 71 decibels. The model does not have a bag, has a capacity of 540 milliliters, is easy to empty and clean. The scope of delivery includes a wall bracket with a charging station and various nozzles for hard floors, baseboards, etc. Price: from around 276 euros

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