Knossi: Viewers addicted to gambling because of casino streams?

Jens Knossalla describes himself as “King” and usually appears with a crown. On the internet he is best known as “Knossi”, on the streaming platform Twitch as “TheRealKnossi”. There he organizes besides big events ?? like the fishing camp in July 2020 ?? regularly the show “Show your Talent”, in which he is often supported by well-known artists such as Clueso. However, the 34-year-old gained fame through streams in which he gambled excitedly and emotionally at online slot machines or poker tables. A circumstance that has brought the Baden-Baden resident several severe criticism. The user “Don’t click on it! Whoever plays loses.” on YouTube, Knossi now even blames his gambling addiction. However, the 34-year-old gained fame through streams in which he gambled excitedly and emotionally at online machines or poker tables.
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18-year-old with 10,000 euros in debt

After “Don’t click on it!” is 18-year-old Leon, who says he is currently in therapy due to his gambling addiction. In his five-minute Video he says clearly: he became aware of the gambling because of Knossi streams and videos and is now in debt with 10,000 euros. That is why Leon asks the protagonist and the operators of the video and streaming platforms to mark all gaming content with appropriate information. In his opinion, the winnings that can be seen in Knossi’s videos are sponsored by the gambling providers and therefore not real.

Books: Knossi’s newest song

Leon is also critical of Knossi’s songs, which are always about gambling, like the latest work “BooksWhat the streamer wants to motivate children and young people to read at first glance is actually an allusion to a certain online game of chance. There, three books drawn in a row mean free spins in which the players can win several thousand euros, depending on the stake For Leon, this is a clear sign that Knossi is specifically encouraging its viewers to use online slot machines.
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Did Knossi poison the youth?

That’s why it’s hard Conclusion of the 18-year-old from: Jens Knossalla poisoned with the song “the youth and all the small children”. The reactions to it are divided: While for some Leon is to blame for his situation, isolated users see Knossi ?? mainly because of its role model function? in responsibility. The streamer himself, which is followed by around 1.3 million users on Twitch, did not comment on the topic.



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