LG OLED CX: HDR problems after update


Firmware update 03.21.09 causes problems

First of all, on the positive aspect: The update takes place with Dolby Vision. What is Dolby Vision? The process packs auxiliary data (metadata) into films. This ensures correct colors and brightnesses scene for scene; Among other things, it can be seen in Netflix series such as “Marco Polo” in the 4K version. The update brings less banding and a more precise black for series fans. So far so good. However, gamers face a problem: In HDR game mode, the brightness is not what it should be.

Brightness in HDR game mode drops

YouTuber Vincent Teoh reports that the maximum brightness drops in the corresponding gaming mode. The problem affects owners of the OLED TV LG CX from 2020. If you want to continue to use the Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 without having to accept a 10 to 15 percent drop in brightness, you should be careful with the 03.21.09 update. LG announced a fix to Teoh that will be rolled out in the next few weeks.


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