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Still on the hunt for LAST CLOUDIA Treasure Maps? The 2nd-anniversary celebration is well underway, with tons of new content and exciting giveaways to thank fans for sticking with the game all this time. If you’re overwhelmed with all of the latest additions and simply want to keep your head down and explore the World Map, then an old-fashioned treasure hunt is the perfect way to go.

The hunt for every single LAST CLOUDIA Treasure Map

There are currently 12 Last Claudia maps, with Map 5 and 6 a bit of a vague mystery at the moment. It’s important to remember that you have to organically play through the missions to be able to get them all, as maps will only become available after certain chapters are cleared. Also, remember that treasure maps are different from the treasure chests and bottles scattered throughout the World Map. With treasure chests, you can actually see the chests visibly peeking out from concealment, while LAST CLOUDIA Treasure Map spots are completely hidden. The very first thing you need to do is find Bottle 3 after you clear 2-2 Next Steps in Crowded City Badaal. You’ll find the bottle floating in the water below Dara Desert, where you’ll get Treasure Map 1. You’ll get a Chilled Cape after tapping Map Spot 1 in the pile of rocks on the water near the south of Port Aldana. Last Cloudia Treasure Map 2For Map Spot 2, you’ll get a Magic Key by tapping the peak of the snowy mountains with the northern lights after you clear 2-7 Approaching Limits in Lanzelia Mountains. As a prerequisite, you’ll first have to find the second treasure map in Bottle 5, which you’ll spot clearly floating in the water among icy rocks on the north of Secret Blast Furnace. For Map Spot 3, you’ll need to find Bottle 8 at the bottom of Talon Tundra, which will appear after you clear 3-2 One’s Own Feelings in Seaside Granada. After this, you can tap on the mountain peak above Port Abelia to get the Sealed Meteorite Treasure. Last Cloudia Treasure Map sealed meteorite Want more? Check out our growing collection of LAST CLOUDIA tips, guides and walkthroughs!



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