Krazy Kakoom Beginners Guide and Tips

Krazy Kakoom is a mobile game that is quite original in the way it presents itself. Made by Hong Kong Touda co., Limited this casual, yet strategic and simulating game is easy to get into, along with being pleasing to the eyes. Forget about reading up guides on stats and where to place what when. This casual base defense game is extremely intuitive for first-timers yet offers different unique challenges for players that want more of a challenge. So today in this Krazy Kakoom Beginners Guide, we will be diving into some tips and some strategies to help you out when it comes to playing this game.

Getting Started in Krazy Kakoom


Start off by collecting the free daily coins and items that will help you upgrade and buy daily deals that are available. Aren’t able to obtain as many coins as you’d like?
Krazy Kakoom Guide
Swipe over and simply collect from your idle pile of coins. It’s that easy, which makes this game the perfect time killer.


Right beside the idle coins is your Totem. Each piece when collects give certain effects. These help you in the game.
Krazy Kakoom Guide
For example, the grizzly Totem adds 100 to the maximum storage of the tribute chest.

Summoning the Warrior

Krazy Kakoom Guide
When you have the required resources and tap on the food button, it summons a warrior at random, which will appear randomly on your battlefield. Once a warrior is summoned in a spot that spot is not open until you merge your warriors together. Always note that the food required for summoning will increase gradually after each summons. With each summoning the amount of food required increases.

Level Up the your warriors

Leveling up your warriors help improve them in battle and can be leveled up through levels 1-5. Same here as with the food, the amount of coins goes up.

Merge your Warriors

During the battle, always make sure to merge the warriors on the battlefield with the warriors of the same type and rank.
After the merge, new warriors will be randomly generated, and the rank level will increase by 1. The max rank level is level 7.

 PVP Mode

Always make sure to know where your battle positions are so you won’t get confused. Also, note that these may be changed in settings. After the battle begins, the monsters will attack in the upper left and lower right corners. In this Krazy Kakoom Beginners Guide, we will share all the tips and tricks to master the PVP mode.


At the beginning of the battle, a Boss is randomly selected, and the Boss will appear after 90 seconds of the countdown, allowing you the time to prepare for the attack by merging together warriors, and activating perks on the lower right side as shown below, located to the left of the food button.
Krazy Kakoom Guide
Each representing the perks of selected warriors and how much food is required to activate.

3 Flags

Both sides have 3 flags. These are shown right under the number of trophies you have, top left corner. When a monster passes through the defensive position, 1 flag will be deducted, this varies from the class of the monster, from common which is equal to one flag, to elite monsters and bosses, which are equal to two flags. 
The first person to lose all three flags loses. The above image shows all the three flags, blue in color.


Keep in mind that the winner will get gain Trophies, and the loser will be deducted of trophies. The base amount is 30, which fluctuates from 1 point to a maximum of 60 points. The higher the opponent’s trophies owned, the more the trophies will be obtained when you’ve obtained a victory. The same logic goes for when trophies are deducted due to loss.


At the beginning of the 1st round, a Boss will be randomly selected, and the Boss will appear in the 5th round. Every 5 rounds will appear a new Boss and both sides will assist each other and attack monsters on the battlefield together. When a monster passes through a defensive position on either side, the battle is lost and the keys will be rewarded according to the number of monster’s attacking waves you’ve endured.
Krazy Kakoom Gamemodes
PvP or Co-op screen in Krazy Kakoom
These keys can be used to open chests that give you rewards. When it comes down to it, all you need is a small strategy and a keen eye. The amount of warriors and their perks gives you multiple teams to put together, don’t be afraid to mix it up.

Krazy Kakoom Guide: Tips and Tricks

It’s easy when it comes to getting ahead of yourself. Keeping a few things in mind may shorten some mistakes that you continuously make:
  • Focus: in all the anticipation of the incoming monsters it’s easy to get distracted so make sure to focus on the timers, a Boss appears often.
  • Practice: Even to the best of gamers they didn’t learn without practice, and practice helps a lot.
  • Perks: Learn the perks of each warrior and which ones work better together.
  • Coins: Coins aren’t that hard to come by, but are crucial to upgrades that help level out the playing field above you.
  • Positive thinking: Know that even the best win some and lose some, going into battle with a positive attitude can make it to where you appreciate each match and therefore learn from past mistakes and losses.
  • Food: the food increase upon the summoning of a warrior makes it to where you need to be up on your toes when the battle commences, keep count of your numbers.
 Take the time to find what works for you first before trying something else out. With an abundance of warriors being added to each update, the ability to mix and match allows you to have your own unique team. From the merging of the same rank and class of warriors to the countless waves of enemies to defend from, Krazy Kakoom is a unique game with limitless strategies. And with time, who knows, you might just be the next champion.

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