Island War Beginners Guide, Tips and Strategies

Island War is a strategy game, where each player will have an island to defend. To gather the resources, the player has access to an army of different troops. The gameplay is suitable for both casual and hard-core gamers. The game is currently in Season 7. Simple graphics and game mechanics make the game easy to play. If you’re a fan of other combat strategy games like Clash of Clans or Top War, you will love this game too. Now, without further ado, let’s get into the beginners guide for Island War. There’s no story or a prologue and you are directly put into the game. You will start a battle with a single troop unit, you can easily win the first battle, after which you will see some boats and several things to explore. This guide on the Island War will talk you through different strategies, troops and buildings in the game and point out a few tips to get started with the game.

Game Mechanics and Strategies

Boats carry your troops to battle

Boats are vessels to carry your troops into battle, each boat can have up to 6 troops. You can add new troops by pressing the troop symbol available at the right corner of the Home page.
Island War Guide
Each boat can have up to 6 troops
Multiple troops can be combined which will take one space and they are powerful. If a battle is hard, it is recommended that you use the gold to purchase some cards and add them to your boat. You can recall all troops from the boat too, but since the troops are instantly available for every battle it is recommended to use the full force. The number of boats available depends on the level of your city hall.

Wage battles & Win Trophies

Battles are automatic and deploying troops at the right place will start the battle. As soon as the battle starts, you are given the choice to deploy a boat on any side of the island. The opponents’ name and power are shown near the shield along with the amount of loot you will get after a win will be shown at the top right corner.
Island War Guide
Winning battles will give you more trophies
Sometimes your ranged troops will miss their shots because weather and wind affect the battle. So always deploy the troops in the direction of the wind. In the above image, you can see the direction of the wind as little waves in the sea. You will gain trophies for every win and vice-versa. Battles instantly end if your troops destroy all the buildings. Even if enemy troops are alive, you will win the battle.

Island: New structures can be built

Island War Guide
Build new structures in the island
To go to the island or come back to the boats, you will have a button at the bottom left corner of the home page. On the island, you can build new structures and defend the city hall from being destroyed. All the troops that you station here will guard the structures and will attack during an enemy battle.

Rewards: Available in Tiers

Island War Guide
Extra Rewards are available in the Battle Pass
Apart from the loot that we get from battles, there are multiple ways to get rewards. The mine produces Coins and Gems occasionally at a standard rate that can be upgraded. Also for every 10 medals, you unlock one tier of rewards. There are 35 tiers of rewards that can be won every season. If you are a battle pass player, you will get additional rewards for every tier. Other than tier rewards, we also get one time rewards from the Trophy road. For every arena, there are several rewards that you can unlock.

Troops in Island War

There are multiple troops that you can unlock and use in battles, the troops can be levelled up by combining multiple troops of the same level, and you can simply drag and drop the troops to upgrade.  Currently, 24 troops can be unlocked to play, while two extra troops remain locked. In this Island War guide, We’ll discuss the different troops with their special abilities and classes (or types).
Troops will help you to wage war in Island War

List of Troops with their classes

Troop name Troop type Special Ability Unlocks at Arena
Swordsman Melee Training Camp
Archers Ranged Arena 1
Spearman Melee Arena 1
Bomber Area Damage Arena 1
Arctic wolves Melee Arena 1
Giant Melee Heavy Bash Arena 2
Fire mage Area Damage Arena 2
Heal Wizard Healer Solar Healing Arena 2
Berserker Melee Rage Arena 2
Snowman Area Damage Ice Detonation Arena 3
Halberdier Melee Arena 3
Brawler Melee Withstand Arena 3
Mace Warrior Melee Hard Wound Arena 3
Frost Archer Limited Area Damage Chill Arena 4
Lapidating Giant Ranged Burning Oil Arena 4
Dwarf Warrior Melee Arena 4
Spear Thrower Limited Area Damage Fighting Spirit Arena 4
Templar Melee Refraction Arena 5
Nun Healer Arena 5
Hunting Gunner Ranged Deadeye Shot Arena 5
Shadow Assassin Melee Arena 5
Air Bender Ranged Winds Wish Arena 6
Crossbow Man Ranged Dartle Arena 6
Frost Titan Area Damage Iciness Release Arena 7
Unknown Troop #1
Unknown Troop #2
Island War Guide: Different types of Troops
Apart from the troops, there’s a category of heroes, that will be launched soon. All these troops can be unlocked and upgraded to make them more powerful. Troops can be leveled up to 9 by combining two similar troops of the same level, each level will increase certain traits such as speed, attack power, HP, etc. Troop Levels from 10 to 15 are yet to be released.

City Hall: Keep it safe to win

City hall is the main building on your island and while defending, you should keep it safe, so that you can easily win the match. Each City hall upgrade will unlock new things such as extra boats, new buildings and so on. With each City Hall unlocked, the list of the following buildings and boats are unlocked.
City Hall Level Boats Buildings
City Hall – Level 3 Unlocks 2nd Boat Unlocks Archer Tower
City Hall – Level 4 Unlocks 3rd Boat Unlocks Mortar
City Hall – Level 5 Unlocks Cannon
City Hall – Level 6 Unlocks 4th Boat Unlocks Bomb
City Hall – Level 8 Unlocks 5th Boat
City Hall – Level 10 Unlocks 6th Boat
Island War Guide: Unlock Building and Boats
Several Defensive buildings are unlocked, which can be upgraded with wood. Each upgrade will improve the traits of the specific building.
  • City Hall
  • Gold Mine
  • Army Camp
  • Walls
  • Archer Tower
  • Mortar
  • Cannon
  • Bomb

Clans: Mingle & Battle with friends

Join clans, chat with friends and battle it out!
Clans are a way to mingle with friends and battle. At the time of writing, there were over 5000 clans to join. Once you join a clan, you can chat with the members and also play a friendly battle with the enemy island anytime. Since most of the battles are not real-time, it takes out the fun. But you can still compare bases and improve your attack without losing any trophies.

Store: Gems, coins and bundles for purchase

The store has various items such as Gems, Coins, Bundles. In this Island War guide, we will lay out different items which you can obtain from the store.
Buying a battle pass each season will reward you with many items in Island War
  • Gems: Starts at 90₹ for 200 Gems and goes up to 8,800₹ for 26,000 Gems.
  • Coins: Coins can be bought with gems and money. 200 Gems gives 10,000 Coins and goes up to 13,00,000 Coins for 20,000 Gems. If you’re buying with money, you get 1,20,000 Coins at 890₹ and it goes up to 15,00,000 Coins for 4,500₹.
  • Battle Pass: Battle pass costs 350₹ which will give you multiple rewards such as Troop cards, Coins and Gems. You can also speed up battles by 2 times. Battle passes last one season and you’ve to purchase again after a season ends.
  • Supply Depot:
    • Growth Fund: Gems Growth fund costs 2,200₹ and Coins Growth fund costs 1,300₹. The Growth fund is basically used to get Gems or Coins every-time you upgrade the City Hall.
    • Week and Month Cards: These are used to get gems every day. So login daily to get all rewards. This includes Coins, Gems, Wood or Troops based on the pack that you buy.

Trophy Count: Unlocks each Arena and features

Arena unlocked

Trophy count Arena
0 Arena 1
150 Arena 2
400 Arena 3
700 Arena 4
1000 Arena 5
1500 Arena 6
2000 Arena 7
Island War Guide: Trophy-tiers can help unlock Arena

Features get unlocked

Trophy count Event
100 Headhunt
150 Elite Challenge, Leaderboard
400 Unlocks Clans
1500 Master Challenge
Island War Guide: Trophy-tiers can also unlock Events

Final Thoughts

With the game getting most of its features from Clash of Clans, Island War is a decent game to be tried out. It doesn’t have the number of features one would like, but the game mechanics remain very simple. Yet, the experience to plan a strategy to defeat enemies is a bit satisfactory.
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Island War Beginners Guide, Tips and Strategies



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