Jetson One: Swedish multicopter for 80,000 euros as a kit

The Swedish company Jetson has officially presented its first single-seat multicopter. All possible production for 2022 is already reserved, according to the website for the Jetson One. It costs the equivalent of 80,000 euros and is supplied as a kit that is half pre-assembled. The aluminum and carbon fiber cabin of the Jetson One is 2.8 m long, 2.4 m high and 1 m wide. The four double propellers on booms at four corners are driven by eight electric motors. The lithium-ion battery has an output of 88 kW, the maximum flight time is 20 minutes – if the pilot weighs 85 kg, at a top speed of 100 km / h. The empty weight of the Jetson One is 40 kg. With the help of lidar sensors, the Jetson One should probe the terrain and automatically avoid obstacles. In an emergency, the aircraft should be able to land safely with the help of a built-in parachute, pilots sit in a safety cell that is supposed to be modeled on those of Formula 1 cars. Jetson was founded in 2017. The prototype of the Swedes’ first eVTOL (electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing aircraft) was completed in 2018, and the test phase with manned flights only began last summer. In March, Jetson had assumed that it would be able to increase the possible flight time to 25 minutes plus a reserve – for “lighter pilots”, as it was called.
The company’s aim is “to make everyone a pilot”; it is aimed, for example, at employees who do not like to stand in traffic jams or people who just want to fly. The company guarantees that it will also deliver detailed assembly instructions along with the aluminum frame, motor controls, battery, propellers and motors. Twelve deliveries are planned for 2022, and two reservations have been made for 2023 according to the Jetson website. (anw)
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