Farming Simulator 22: game with greenhouse and bees

The “Farming Simulator” has developed into a real bestseller, with 25 million games sold, the series is currently one of the most successful representatives of the simulation genre – and is now even inspiring “real gamers”, for example with a Collector’s Edition. Now manufacturer Giants Software announces some news. Because the next part is in the starting blocks – and it pimps the gaming experience further. The “Farming Simulator 22” will be released on November 22, 2021 for PC, Mac, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and Google Stadia. So much in advance: It will be really delicious.

LS 22: Greenhouses for strawberries, lettuce and tomatoes

According to the manufacturer’s press release, agriculture should be sweeter and more delicious than ever before – developer and publisher Giants Software is introducing brand new features for “Farming Simulator 22”: for example, beekeeping for honey production and greenhouses for growing strawberries, lettuce and tomatoes. The new Trailer also illuminates the revised farm animals, which are now supposed to be even cuter, as well as the new wild animals – out and about in fields and in forests. In combination with the new production chains, players expand their own farm considerably with even more options. The direct and local distribution allows for greater complexity, especially in multiplayer mode when several fans work together.

Agriculture 2022 with bees

Bees are important in nature, as the “Farming Simulator 22” should make clear. Placing beehives near fields with rape, potatoes and sunflowers increases the yield of the sown fruits thanks to pollination. And of course bees do what they do best: produce a sweet, golden and viscous substance – honey. Stacked on pallets, beekeepers in the new protective suits either sell the produced delicacy directly to customers or deliver the product to the cereal factory to produce a crispy muesli with additional ingredients. While the bees in the hives produce honey in the warm season, the “dwellings” in the cold season only serve as a place for a slumber party – hum, hum, hum.
Beekeeper in beekeeping.
“Farming Simulator 22”: a beekeeper at work. Beekeeping is one of the additional features in the new part of the bestseller from Giants Software.
Because of the newly introduced seasons change in “Farming Simulator 22”, players have to prepare for the cold winter. In addition to clearing snow and raising cattle, the virtual farmers generate additional income by building greenhouses of the desired size. While plants and trees do not bloom in the cold months, the cultivation of strawberries, lettuce and tomatoes there is still a green sight – as long as there is fresh water. In this way, your own farm remains profitable even in the icy winter months. More information can be found on the official Farming Simulator website as well as on the Astragon homepage.



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