Instagram: Pronouns introduced in profiles

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Instagram already offers users the new pronoun function in some countries.

NThe pronouns you would use to address a person based on their appearance do not always reflect their attitudes. So the best thing is for the user to enter what he or she would like to be called on the social networks. Instagram now offers this function. A corresponding note such as she / she appears behind your name. The editors will explain to you where to set the pronouns.

Here you can find the pronouns

It takes a few steps to set the pronouns. First, open the Instagram app. Then click on your profile picture in the lower right corner. You can see the bar in the middle of your profile edit profile. If you click on it, a corresponding mask appears with your name, user name, profile and the field for a website. As soon as the pronoun function is activated, it should add to the list. When the time comes, users choose up to four pronouns. You can edit or delete them at any time.

Define target audience for visibility

If you do not want the information about the pronouns to be publicly visible, only enable the info for your followers. To do this, use a corresponding slider in the pronoun category. The slider is automatically activated for users under the age of 18. After successful saving by clicking on the blue tick in the top right corner, the pronouns appear in a faint gray next to your name.



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