Fall Guys Season 4.5 Patch: Two New Rounds, Custom Games, Crossplay

Fall Guys Season 4.5 update is coming on May 13, and it adds two new rounds, improved custom games support, crossplay, and plenty of bug fixes. Christened “Dave” for some reason, the update also stomps a lot of bugs that have cropped up recently. The full patch notes are below, so check it out.

The main additions that the Season 4.5 update brings to the table are two new rounds. One is the Slimescraper, which is the sequel to Slime Climb, and the other is Button Bashers, which splits players into pairs that must duel it out to see who can mash buttons better. The patch will also bring 55 new variations to the game’s many modes across 12 rounds, so if you’re a bit bored of the current offerings, that’ll hopefully change it up for you.

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The patch also introduces crossplay for PC and PS4 players. Though PC and PS4 players can matchmake together in all game modes, cross-platform parties are still not a thing, though the developers are hoping to make that happen soon. In addition to crossplay, the update improves the custom lobby feature, opening it to everyone, with support for as few as four players. PC and PS4 players can also play together in these custom games.

In terms of bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements, this update brings a bucketful of minor changes. For example, grabbing objects and mantling should now suffer from less latency, and there’s an in-game indicator of each players’ connection quality. You can now report players who you think are cheating, which is an important addition, given that Fall Guys has historically struggled with cheaters.

Fall Guys Season 4.5 (Dave) Update Patch Notes

  • Two new rounds: Slimescraper and Button Bashers
  • 55 Additional Variations across 12 rounds
  • Custom Lobbies are now open to EVERYONE with as few as 4 beans! PC and PS4 players can play together!
  • PC and PS4 players can now matchmake together in all game modes! Cross-platform parties are not possible (yet!)
  • Improved latency when grabbing objects or mantling
  • In-game visual indicator of your connection quality!
  • New player reporting feature if you spot potential cheaters! (Don’t worry – We’ll never ban anyone for grabbing or using in-game mechanics in a normal fashion)
  • Fixes and Improvements
    • Numerous improvements to de-sync, physics, and related issues (We’ll keep improving these)
    • Snow will now display on Season 3 rounds for PC Players! (Ready for Christmas 2022 lol)
    • Fixed Fall Guys having too much power while carrying things
    • Fixed incorrectly eliminating the winning squad in Royal Fumble
    • Fixed eliminated squads incorrectly qualifying for the next round
    • After tying a round, squads will not be randomly eliminated, but instead will all qualify into the next round
    • Fixed the ‘Top X Qualify’ number mismatching the Qualified Squads in the qualification screen
    • Fixed solo victory animation displaying when winning a Squads Show for some players
    • Fixed the Featured Store only showing Coming Soon for players who witness the store refresh
  • Wall Guys
    • Improvement to mantling while experiencing high ping
  • Door Dash
    • Players can no longer yeet themselves out of the round to skip ahead
  • Power Trip
    • Fixed batteries flying out of hands when players bump into each other
    • Fixed Fall Guy being unable to climb a ramp whilst carrying a battery
  • Visual fixes
    • Various visual fixes to costumes
    • Fixed SFX on some winning animations
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