Here’s the Twitch Rivals Rift Series Spirit Blossom teams

Image via Riot Games
Twitch Rivals and Riot Games are showcasing a four-day tournament with gameplay in League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, and Legends of Runeterra.  A total of 48 players in Europe and North America were entered into the competitor’s pool today, along with a secret list that only the captains had access to. The eight captains chose teams of six from the pool, including themselves. Players within the pool were experienced in either LoL, TFT, or LoR; with some competitors having strengths via multiple games. 

NA teams

The NA captains had some interesting first picks. K2soju went with two TFT players for his first picks, grabbing Mismatched Socks and Delicious Milk. Other captains like Swim focused heavily on LoL players knowing he’d likely sit himself out while Scarra picked players that he knew he’d have fun with.  Each team managed to pick up one solid LoR player which should prove interesting for the captains since Runeterra is the first tournament on the schedule. Soju grabbed a majority of the TFT players but don’t count out Scarra, DogDog, Khroen, or Cassanova. And for League, Xchocobars and Emiru have solid teams. 


  • Becca
  • Itshafu
  • DragoonLOL
  • Grandvice8
  • Hyped
  • Yozu


  • Xchocobars
  • Starsmitten
  • Kitzuo
  • WingsofDeath
  • Heisendong
  • PanunuLoL


  • Swim
  • Arcsecond
  • xFSN_Saber
  • Stunt
  • Osama
  • Khroen


  • Scarra
  • Shiphtur
  • Yvonnie
  • Forestwithin
  • Lilypeachtree
  • Strifecro


  • YourPrincess
  • DogDog
  • TenacityNA
  • Lohpally
  • Imls
  • Gamergirl


  • K3soju
  • Delicious Milk
  • Mismatched Socks
  • Kiyoon
  • Souless
  • Ayustat5


  • Trick2g
  • CassanovaHOTS
  • Strompest
  • Jurassiq
  • Cookiemadman
  • Pinkwardlol


  • Emiru
  • Carru
  • Goldenglue
  • BBG
  • Lolblender
  • iOki

EU teams

Captains in the EU focused heavily on creating a strong League team first, then prioritizing TFT and LoR. The NA captains followed a similar strategy, but for different reasons. A majority of the EU captains were LoL players who wanted a strong second team member. Starting around the third pick, captains began rounding out their teams with strong LoR and TFT competitors. 


  • Shaunz
  • Kotei_zousa
  • Voltariux
  • Nono_lol
  • Gobgg
  • Kamet0


  • Solary
  • Caelaneuw
  • Solaryhs
  • KatareLoL
  • Leroibisou
  • Narkuss_lol


  • Overpow
  • AlanqzTFT
  • DarkHydra
  • Tabasko
  • FluffyHS
  • ArQuel


  • Genereal_hs
  • Daymelto
  • Offzachq
  • Teamless
  • FirstPinkBeaver
  • Sharkz


  • BlackFireIce
  • Kubon_
  • Tabzz
  • Nervarien
  • Kezman22
  • IamDiamond


  • Noway4u_sir
  • Superjj102
  • Kesselkind
  • Shantao
  • Agurin
  • PandarEUW


  • Sologesang
  • Fujitorahs
  • Broeki1
  • DahVys
  • Kutcherlol
  • Send0o


  • Ibai
  • ReventXz
  • Elojoninja
  • Evangelion0
  • Javaaa1
  • Werlyb
The first tournament begins on July 15 featuring gameplay in LoR. A full schedule of the Twitch Rivals Spirit Blossom Rift Series can be found here. Each tournament has its own format with rules that can be found here.



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