Here are all the Call of Duty creator codes

Becoming a professional player isn’t the only way of making money by playing games. Over time, content creation can yield even better results than topping the charts in any tournament, but only a tiny percentage of players are able to accomplish such a feat. While donations and viewership numbers play an important role when it comes to determining how much money a content creator makes, it’s also possible to support your favorite ones by simply playing Call of Duty. Activision announced the Support-A-Creator program back in 2020, which allows players to support content creators with their in-game purchases. This system existed in Fortnite for a couple of years now, and it slowly became one of the top income sources for the most popular streamers. The Support-A-Creator program in CoD shares the same core dynamics as the one in Fortnite, and creators receive five dollars for every 10,000 CoD points spent in the game. While each streamer will probably advertise their code every time they go live, checking the list of all the codes for popular names in the scene can help you decide who you’d like to support before making your first purchase. Here are all the active creator codes of top streamers and professional players in Call of Duty.
Streamer / Professional Player Support-A-Creator Code
aBeZy    ABEZY
Apathy    APATHY
Arcitys    ARCITYS
Attach    ATTACH
Blazt    BLAZT
Cammy    CAMMY
Cellium    CELLIUM
Chaos    CHAOS
Clayser    CLAY
CleanX    CLEANX
CouRage    COURAGE
Crimsix    CRIM
Dashy    DASHY
Denz    DENZ
Drfit0r    DRIFT0R
Enable    ENABLE
Envoy    ENVOY
FaZe Swagg    SWAGG
FormaL    FORMAL
Huke    HUKE
HusKerrs    HUSKERRS
JackFrags    JACKFRAGS
Kuavo    KUAVO
Mack    MACK
MarleyThirteen    MARLEY
Methodz    METHODZ
Michi    MICHI
NoisyButters    BUTTERS
NuFo    NUFO
Octane    OCTANE
Owakening    WAKE
PrestigeIsKey    PRESTIGE
Scump    SCUMP
Seany    SEANY
ShawnJGaming    SHAWNJ
Shotzzy    SHOTZZY
Simp    SIMP
Skrapz    SKRAPZ
Skyz    SKYZ
SlasheR    SLASHER
Spratt    SPRATT

How to use Support-A-Creator code in Call of Duty

The Support-A-Creator feature is currently available in Modern Warfare, Warzone, and Black Ops Cold War. While it isn’t confirmed to be included in future titles, chances are it’ll end up being a permanent feature. You’ll need to make sure you have a Support-A-Creator code applied before spending your CoD points in the store. While you can still apply your code when you’re purchasing CoD points, you’ll only support the creators when you spend those points on bundles or other in-game items.
  • Launch the CoD title of your choice and head over to the Store tab.
  • The Support-A-Creator option is on the bottom left of your screen and you’ll need to click on it or press the dedicated hotkey.
  • Upon doing so, a pop-up will appear with a text bar where you’ll enter your favorite content creator’s code.
  • After entering the code, all of your future purchases like bundles and battle passes will support the creator you chose to support.
Note that these codes expire after two weeks, meaning you may need to double-check before making future purchases. 

Can you support multiple creators?

Though you can’t support different creators at the same time, you’ll be able to change your Support-A-Creator code as many times as you want. Changing it to something else before making another purchase will let you support another creator than the previous one.

How can you apply for the Create-A-Creator program in Call of Duty?

There are only a few creator codes available because the program is still in its beta stage. This means only the individuals Activision selected received their creator codes and there isn’t a way to apply for one as of now. The developers are currently working closely with all the creators involved with the program to make it perfect before it becomes available for everyone. While there isn’t a predetermined timeline, you can check out the official FAQ page for further news. Once the program rolls out, there should be a form to fill out, which you can access through the FAQ page and you should be able to get your own creator code if you satisfy all the requirements.

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