Hearthstone: Arcane Dust – 5 Tips for the Essential Resource

Arcane dust is not directly for sale. Players can only receive it if they disenchant cards, receive rewards from in-game events or receive compensation for balance changes.

Arcane dust values

Before we jump into card crafting, it makes sense to study the arcane dust values ​​for crafting and disenchanting Hearthstone cards. These are strictly linked to the rarity of the cards described below:

ordinary cards (white):

  • create for 40 arcane dust
  • disenchant for 5 arcane dust
ordinary golden cards:
  • create for 400 arcane dust
  • disenchant for 50 arcane dust
  • 395 Arcane Dust to upgrade a regular card to a gold one

rare Karen (blue):

  • create for 100 arcane dust
  • disenchant for 20 arcane dust
rare golden cards:
  • create for 800 arcane dust
  • disenchant for 100 arcane dust
  • 780 Arcane Dust to upgrade a regular card to a gold one

epic cards (purple):

  • create for 400 arcane dust
  • disenchant for 100 arcane dust
epic golden cards:
  • create for 1600 arcane dust
  • disenchant for 400 arcane dust
  • 1500 arcane dust to upgrade a regular card to a gold one

legendary cards (orange):

  • create for 1600 arcane dust
  • disenchant for 400 arcane dust
legendary golden cards:
  • create for 3200 arcane dust
  • disenchant for 1600 arcane dust
  • 2800 Arcane Dust to upgrade a regular card to a gold one
Players also receive the full arcane dust value for disenchanting nerfed, i.e. cards that have been changed for the worse, for a certain period of time after the corresponding game patch (usually two weeks).
Sky Captain Kragg Hearthstone
This is what the legendary golden cards look like.

Arcane Dust Management Tips

Mathematically speaking, there is no point in keeping gold cards. The arcane dust obtained from each golden card is enough to make a regular card of the same level. Basically, golden cards are cash for our “dust account”. Another useful tip is not to make cards in the first few days of a new expansion. Many players are tempted to try out new cards right away – but that often ends in a bad investment! The archetypes of every Hearthstone meta take at least a week to evolve to at least basic. So if you make the first deck you like, it can be out of date and even useless in a few days. The best strategy is therefore to play some of the good decks from the old meta with selected new cards – as long as their dust price is in a measurable relationship to the account balance.

The most important rule for gamers

However, this is by no means why players should not disenchant all new cards right away! Perhaps the most important tip for all Hearthstone players is: Follow the meta-reports and hoard the cards that could potentially be nerfed – because then they can be demystified for the full arcane dust value. You should also avoid making common and rare cards – if you play Hearthstone for long periods of time, you will eventually accumulate them all. Of course, exceptions prove the rule; however, in the end, it pays a lot more to invest the arcane dust into making epic and legendary cards. Last but not least, it should be noted that neutral cards represent a better investment overall compared to the much more specific class cards. This is especially true for powerful legendary cards like Mankrik or Golem Shaper Kazakus, which can be used in multiple decks.



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