Fortnite: Where to find mission kit and place jammers

[ad_1] Players have to open Fortnite mission kits and place jammers in the latest Legendary Challenges. Here’s how it’s done! A new set of weekly Legendary challenges releases each week. Completing these challenges rewards players with a massive amount of XP. However, Legendary challenges are only available for 7 days. That means you will have to complete all six challenges within a week to get the most XP. Some challenges can be difficult, while others are fairly easy. Legendary challenges often follow a storyline that changes from week to week. This week, Doctor Slone wants to trick the Aliens into abducting a “Special Surprise.” Starting off, players will need to jam signals at IO bases.
fortnite dr slone mythic weapon

Where to find Fortnite mission kits

The first Legendary Challenge is a two-part quest. . The first part of the challenge is finding and opening a mission kit. Both the Mission Kits and Signal Jammers are located in Corny Complex. They are also relatively close together making this task very easy to complete. The image below shows the location of all three Fortnite Mission Kits. To collect a kit, players need to approach them and press the action button.
fortnite mission kit locations
Fortnite Mission Kit Locations in Corny Complex

Where to find Signal Jammers in Fortnite

The second part of the quest is placing Signal Jammers. Remember, both parts have to be completed in a single match. Once players have opened a Mission Kit, it’s time to head to the Signal Jammer location. The image below shows each Signal Jammer location. You may notice that the Mission Kit and Jammer in the center of the map are the closest together. This may be the most hostile area, but it’s the quickest way to complete the challenge. To place a scanner, players need to approach the location and press the action button.
fortnite jammer locations season 7
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