Google Tasks: Update brings widget for iOS 14

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With Google Tasks, you can create to-do lists that, thanks to the update, now also appear on the iPhone screen.

A.Task apps that create to-do lists on the smartphone are also an important aid in organizing work in the home office. One of the most interesting services is the Google Tasks app, which has been available since 2018. Thanks to Google registration, tasks can also be created in Gmail and the due dates for tasks appear in the Google Calendar. For a long time now, Google Tasks has received an update on the iPhone again. COMPUTER BILD reveals what it will bring.
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Google Tasks: Now with a widget

If you have an iPhone with iOS 14, you should update Google Tasks as soon as possible. The app is then also available as a widget on the desktop. Thats how it works:
  1. Press and hold a free area on the home screen until the symbols wobble.
  2. In the upper left, tap +.
  3. Tap the preview Tasks To Do List.
  4. Swipe to select the small or large widget preview and tap Add widget.
  5. Swipe up from the bottom to exit wiggle mode.
Now the widget with your tasks appears on the home screen. If you already have a widget stack, you can drag and drop tasks on it to save space. Open the app with a tap on the widget.

Google Tasks: Create a task

Google Tasks can be used in combination with Gmail and the Google Calendar and as a standalone app. After starting the app, tap the large plus sign and enter a name for your task. You can insert details by tapping on the text symbol and a due date using the calendar symbol. After clicking on to save the task is created. All tasks end up in the “standard list” first. If necessary, you can use the three-line menu to create additional lists, for example to separate private and professional tasks. When a task is done, tap the small circle next to it.

Google Tasks: Remind me of due dates

If a task has a due date, you will see a corresponding note in the app. In addition, the task appears as an appointment in your Google Calendar. If that doesn’t work, load the website and log into your Google account. Then check the entry “Tasks” under “My Calendar” on the left.

Use Google Tasks in Gmail

You can also create and change tasks in Gmail. To do this, download the Gmail website and log in. Then click to the right of the e-mails on the tasks symbol, which you can recognize by the small pencil. After clicking on Start now Your to-do list appears, where you can add, change or mark tasks as completed. Contents can be copied from open e-mails into tasks. The app is for iOS– and Android-Users available free of charge.



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