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Free Fire is an eventful game, adding more and more features to each patch. Any player who is familiar with this Battle Royale’s series of events that take place while playing knows some of these events. However, those knew might not know what they are stepping into. This guide will list, explain, and give tips on Map Events in Free Fire that take place while you are playing the game.

What are Map Events in Free Fire?

These are the events that are in Free Fire that will occur when you are playing a match, which can be seen as an indication in the game map. These are unlike those other game events and will only be valid within a single match only. Every collectible or reward is obtained when you play matches. To understand this in a simpler way, we have classified them into Normal events and Special events.

Normal map events in Free Fire

Normal map events randomly occur every once in a while playing and can occur right above the player’s nose. Most of these events are alerting as once they happen a select few players can either get eliminated or discovered.

List of normal events


Remember: This is not to be confused with Summon Airdrops. Airdrops are normally occurring events where random crates dropped by the plane for looting. Airdrops are known to attract players due to their high tier loot and special items which can only be found within them. While airdrops are considered harmless, any player standing beneath the falling crate will instantly die which is why its best to wait for it to stand still and emit its yellow beacon. Note:Airdrop locations can be marked on the map with an Info Box. The Airdrop look may vary each event.

Blue Area/Hot Zone

The Blue area is a normally occurring event where a marked area with high tier loot available, known to attract many players for this cause, will appear at the start of any Classic-like game. It does not deal with any damage when within, but can be quite dangerous to land due to the interests of many other players for its purpose. It is always advised to enter this area cautiously and loot as fast as possible to avoid being killed. Note: The Blue Area will disappear once covered up by the Safe Zone and does not appear on each map.

Red Area/Danger Zone

Free Fire Map Event
The Danger Zone is a marked red area alerting any nearby players an Airstrike will take place shortly within its radius. Any player within its radius must immediately seek shelter or exit the area as fast they can to avoid being hit by the high damaging bombs. The Bombs dropped are known to instantly kill any player within their radius so it is advised not to camp in open fields where an Airstrike is taking place. Note: The red circle will disappear after the Airstrike concludes.


Free Fire Map Events
The Airship appears randomly at the start of any Classic-like game and begins to descend and drop a crate of both low and high tier weapons and items. Unlike the Airdrop, the Airship immediately unveils its crate’s contents on the ground once it comes to a standstill and explodes. The Airship also shows its line of flight and destination making it easy to follow or pinpoint. While there is no rush in getting the airships crate as its contents do not despawn, it is still recommended to forficate oneself before attempting to loot as enemy players may have also set eyes upon it. Note: The Airship’s loot crate does no damage and can be pushed to a desired location.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

The UAV is a flying drone that appears on a random location on the map, exposing the locations of all players within its yellow radius. It does not hurt players and can be both annoying and useful at the same time for locating enemies. It will fly around with its yellow scan and stand still at another location and if not destroyed, fly away and despawn at a random location. Note: To avoid being exposed, shooting down the UAV is the best option.

Special map events in Free Fire

Special events occur only for a limited period of time. When these special events take place, all players are notified through the in-game news or leaked information by third party sites. This is by far the only way to know what special events take place each patch.

List of previously hosted Special Map Events

Egg Hunt

egg hunter Free Fire
The Egg Hunt was hosted during Easter 2019 and the Wonderland patch in March 2020. A huge series of events took place at this time of which the Egg Hunt was a part of this. During this time, the newly introduced Airship (2020) would randomly drop colored eggs on the ground for pickup whereas players could exchange these Eggs for amazing rewards.

Skull Hunt

Map Events
The skull hunt was hosted during the Spine Punk Incubator Event in May 2020. Just like the Wonderland event, a huge series of events took players by surprise, including the Skull Hunt. During this time, the airship, now fully implemented in the game, would 2 types of colored skulls on the ground for pickup whereas players could exchange these Skulls for big rewards.

Soul Hunt

Free Fire Map Events
The Blue Soul hunt was hosted during the Vengeance event during the Rampage patch introduced in July. Again, a huge series of events occurred with the Blue Soul Hunt as a finale. However, Garena introduced a different system this time. During this period, the souls were to be found randomly on the map landscape (and aftermatch drop) for filling up a progress bar and earn rewards. 

Chip Hunt event

Special Events
The Chip Hunt was hosted during the 3rd anniversary of Free Fire in the 3VOLUTION patch. Just like the Soul hunt, a huge series of events occurred but this time the chip hunt was the first to be introduced. During this period, Blue Chips were to be found as a map drop (and aftermatch drop) for filling up a (global) progress bar.  That concludes our list on map events of Free Fire. We hope to have informed enough to be wary of certain map events taking place within the game.
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Free Fire: List of all Map Events



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