fraenk: The all-inclusive tariff in the Telekom network

With most mobile phone tariffs, only differences in data volume and price can be made out. The fraenk flat debuted at the end of April 2020 – and brought fresh ideas to the market. The tariff concept in a nutshell: There is only one tariff that can only be booked and managed using the app of the same name. Payments are made via PayPal. Read here what fraenk (the term without “flat” has prevailed) offers in detail.

fraenk: The most important tariff features

The makers emphasize that fraenk is reduced to the essentials – no frills, hidden cost traps or the like. The tariff includes a Flat rate for telephony and SMS as 4 gigabytes (GB) of data in the Telekom’s LTE network. As the brand recently announced, customers will have more data volume free of charge from September 1, 2021 – from then on 5 GB included! The surfing speed is a maximum of 25 Mbps in the download – so on the same level as other providers in the Telekom network, for example Congstar or Penny Mobile. Theoretically, Telekom’s LTE network can deliver up to 300 Mbps. The speed should still be fast enough for most everyday applications. The upload works with a maximum of 5 Mbps. After consumption, the surfing speed is reduced to 32 Kbps.
The data volume is thanks EU roaming can be used in other European countries as well as in Switzerland, Norway, Great Britain, Iceland and Lichtenstein. If necessary, the data volume can be increased by 2 GB each for 5 euros up to ten times in the current billing period. The extra data is valid for 31 days. Plus points: fraenk supports Voice over LTE and WiFi calling – Technologies to make calls with high voice quality or to have conversations over the WLAN network.
fraenk 10 euros basic fee | 4 GB data volume (LTE 25) | Allnet and SMS flat rate

fraenk: price, eSIM, number portability

fraenk is a Telekom brand, but is realized by its subsidiary Congstar. The cellular tariff for 10 euros per month With its monthly cancellation option, it is similar to a prepaid offer, but there is no need to top up any credit. Instead, the billing takes place exclusively via PayPal. Not possible at first, but now even works Number portability too fraenk. In addition, fraenk now also supports smartphones eSIM, it is the same tariff. The highlight: tariff ordering, topping up the surfing volume and customer service all run digitally in the app of the same name for Android and iOS. Referring friends is worthwhile for both new and existing customers. The program is called “fraenk for friends” and rewards both of them with 1 GB extra data volume. The corresponding invitation link can be found and shared in the app. If the applicant remains an active customer for at least three months, the advertiser will also receive 1 GB extra. If the new customer cancels his contract, the bonus for the recruiter does not apply. The latter, however, has the option of acquiring additional customers and scooping 1 GB per user – up to a maximum of 10 GB (based on a base volume of 4 GB).

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With fraenk, the creators have indeed succeeded in creating a recommendable tariff that is not only cheap and implemented in the Telekom network, but also aims to appeal to the younger generation with its special features (app operation, PayPal payment). This is of course a large audience, a lucrative target group. Great: They don’t do much wrong with fraenk either. The amount of data volume is sufficient for music streaming, downloads in the mobile network and a few streamed video clips per month – the exact consumption can be viewed in the app at any time and topped up if there is a shortage. By the way, older semesters are not excluded, the minimum age is 18 years. Plus points are also voice-over-LTE and WiFi calling – technologies that were reserved for large providers for a long time. Great: the provider has blocked third-party services and chargeable phone numbers to prevent unpleasant surprises (cost traps). The use abroad is restricted: The EU countries are supported, but no countries outside of it. Fraenk simply doesn’t work here. fraenk requires an iPhone or Android smartphone, there is no app for other platforms.

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