21 South Asian teams disqualified from tournament

A shocking number of teams have been disqualified from the latest edition of the PUBG Mobile Club Open tournament because of violating the rules of PMCO. The fall season of the esports tournament is currently live in many regions. The semi-final stage has been already completed. 21 teams from the South Asian countries have been found guilty, been disqualified from PMCO Fall Split 2021.

Cheating in PUBG Mobile Esports

Cheating is an often-faced issue in the PUBG Mobile esports scene. The officials and developers introduced an in-game anti-cheat system to regulate fair gameplay in the tournaments. The new protective tool is called GAC that monitors the device’s activity and detects suspicious software if used while playing. Some of the teams still try to bypass the protective system, trying to gain an extra and unfair advantage by hacking or other means. Thanks to the anti-cheat system, teams that tried have been caught by the GAC and been disqualified from playing further.

PMCO Fall Split 2021: List of 21 disqualified South Asian teams


  1. Hellraisers Clan for AntiCheat Evasion
  2. Goza Esports for AntiCheat Evasion


  1. 4Generation for Fake Document Submission
  2. BFM Esports for AntiCheat Evasion and Cheating
  3. Four Vipers for AntiCheat Evasion
  4. 3x Esports for Fake Document Submission
  5. BYP Elites for AntiCheat Evasion and Fake Document Submission
  6. 1920 Esports for AntiCheat Evasion


  1. Unstoppable ES for Fake Document Submission
  2. Vangchur Squad for Fake Document Submission
  3. Phantom Esports for Fake Document Submission, and AntiCheat Evasion
  4. Learn From Past for Ringing

South Asia Wildcard

  1. Team WMG for AntiCheat Evasion
  2. Bad Boys for AntiCheat Evasion
  3. Team Exodus for AntiCheat Evasion and Ringing


  1. Team JUSTICEZ for AntiCheat Evasion
  2. The Third Eye for Cheating
  3. Reaper X for Fake Document Submission
  4. Nepal Esports for AntiCheat Evasion and Ringing
  5. The Gurkhali Titans for AntiCheat Evasion and Ringing

Final thoughts

Violation of rules regarding any esports event causes a ban of the team from the tournament. We have seen many incidents as such. But what is happening in the South Asian PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO): Fall Split 2021 is alarming to the players, teams, and the community as well. PUBG Mobile Club Open 2021 has two seasons in a year and showcases the best teams and underdogs from a region. It is a stage to emerge as a new power for some teams were to book a slot in the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL), for the others. What are your thoughts on 21 South Asian teams getting disqualified from PMCO Fall Split 2021? Let us know in the comments below. For more Mobile Gaming news and updates, join our WhatsApp groupTelegram Group, or Discord server. Also, follow us on Google NewsInstagram, and Twitter for quick updates.
PMCO Fall Split 2021: 21 South Asian teams disqualified from tournament



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