Fortnite Season 6 Week 10 quest guide & challenge cheat sheet

Players will be spending a lot of time in the storm and with wildlife while attempting to complete the Fortnite Season 6 week 9 challenges. With every new week comes a wave of new Fortnite challenges. These challenges are the best way to gain a lot of XP and climb up the battle pass tiers. As well, some of the Battle Pass skins have different variants locked behind how many weekly challenges are completed. We are now 9 weeks into Fortnite Season 6, and the challenges are starting to become a little less creative. This isn’t a problem for players who want to gain a lot of XP in a short amount of time as this week’s challenges are relatively easy. This guide, along with the Fortnite Intel cheat sheet, will show players how to complete each challenge.

Fortnite Season 6 Week 9 Challenges

As shown on the map above, there are seven Fortnite week 9 challenges. Half of them have players hunting or chasing wildlife. The other half makes players complete remedial tasks in the storm. But, because they are weekly quests, they will have to be completed one at a time. The first set of challenges revolves around wildlife. Players will have to speak with one of five NPCs around the map to discuss the behaviors of these animals. They will then need to hunt down a boar, and then stay within seven meters of a fleeing chicken for seven seconds. All of the locations that these can be done are marked on the cheat sheet map above. The next set of challenges has players spending a lot of time in the storm. The first round, players will have to use shield potions, bandages, or medkits while in the storm. Next, they will need to use a Shockwave Grenade on themselves while in the storm. Players will then have to survive 10 storm phases which will take multiple rounds. And lastly, they will need to build 10 structures while in the storm.
All in all, these challenges shouldn’t take too long to complete. They don’t require players to interact with enemies, and most of them don’t require much prep. The hardest parts of these challenges will be locating shockwave grenades and a boar. Once completed, players will earn a whopping 168k experience points.



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