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Tier D

Bloons TD6 tier D


Quincy overall is an ok hero. But that’s it. He’s just average and there are better heroes who just perform better.


Situationally good, but she lacks compared to other heroes. Once of her strongest traits is that she can take down Big Airship of Doom (at level 20) but she really suffers until she gets to the late game.

Tier C

Captain Churchill

Captain Churchill is the most expensive hero in the game and requires a lot more exp than others to upgrade towards each level. You’d expect a hero like that to do much more. His skills actually do a lot of damage as a pure DPS hero, but he’s only good depending on the map. Another reason we’re putting him this low is that he doesn’t buff other units.

Admiral Brickell

Even after the nerfs, Admiral Brickell isn’t the worst hero but certainly, she’s not what she used to be. In certain situations, she can be pretty great but her biggest limitation is that she can only be used on water

Striker Jones

Striker Jones received a series of buffs and now he’s at a much better place than he used to be. He’s great insurance in late-game scenarios and particularly excels in CHIMPS situations and MOAB spam strategies.


With the latest nerf he received, someone could argue that Etienne should be put on a lower tier. His power spike comes after level 10 when he unlocks UCAV but before that, he’s pretty weak. Why isn’t he on a lower tier then, you might wonder? Well, that’s because of how good that ability is and how well he scales into the late game.

Tier B


A solid hero overall, Gwendolin is something like a jack of all trades but… master of none. She does a lot of things pretty good but at the same time she doesn’t excel particularly in anything but very late game situations.

Pat Fusty

The Rallying Roar is one of the most notable abilities in the game and for a good reason. Add the stuns and knockback that allows him to be great at stalling and locking down enemies and that’s a good enough reason to put him in this tier.

Tier A

Obyn Greenfoot

Even after the nerfs he received, Obyn is definitely the best free hero in the game. The druid combo is too strong. He gives all nearby druids +1 pierce at level 2 and it only gets better from there. His activated abilities are somewhat underwhelming and that’s why he’s not placed higher.


His cash making as well as his live generating ability are just too good in various game modes, making Benjamin a very solid choice. He’s a very ‘forgiving’ hero and especially good for new players.

Tier S

Bloons TD 6 tier list - best heroes


Adora Ninja Alchemist combo is a good enough reason to put her in S tier. If you haven’t tried it out, you should. Her ability to see through walls is also very helpful. Overall she is a hero with no real weakness, except CHIMPS and Co-Op mode (shared exp equals slow levelling).


Sauda’s only weakness is her range and that makes her somewhat map dependent. Other than that, she’s an amazing unit with high pierce, attack speed and built-in camo detection. To counter her limited range, the use of Villages and Alchemy buffs is somewhat necessary. Stay with us as we will keep our Bloons TD 6 tier list updated with every patch and the eventual new hero releases.



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